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Conspiracy Theories About George Soros Are Easily Debunked

George Soros has always donated to various important causes. He does not hide from controversy. He is proud to stand up for the causes that he believes in, and he will help out those who need his help regardless of what conspiracy theorists start saying about him. According to the Atlantic, the recent demonization of George Soros is a result of two things.

One of the conspiracy theories revolves around the issue of globalism. Many on the alt-right have picked up on what used to be a leftist issue and now accuse George Soros of being the boogie man behind efforts to globalize things. Glenn Beck is one such extremist. He devoted an entire show on Fox News, a right wing media outlet, to George Soros, saying that he is a puppet master who wants to set up a one world government. Vladimir Putin is another person who does not like George Soros and tries to vilify him. The President of Russia, who was upset about the fact that Soros funded certain nongovernmental organizations in Georgia and Ukraine who were involved in the uprisings there, said that George Soros was responsible for the uprisings. Some extremist leaders in Europe and in other countries around the world charge George Soros with being some sort of person who is controlling everything that is going on in the world and trying to change the political climate in various countries. There is no denying that the basis of these claims often lies with anti-Semitic stereotypes, where Jews control the world and want to control as many countries as they can and want as much power as they can grab. George Soros is Jewish, and although the extremists who hate him are often too shy to say out front that they are anti-Semitic, is usually clear to the naked eye. Take a look at Hungary, where the extremist Prime Minister started a public campaign against George Soros, putting up billboards and posters that demonize him. Nobody was really surprised when these posters started getting vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti. Extremist leaders in other European countries, such as Romania, have also held public campaigns against Soros.After Trump was elected and right wing extremists in the United States were given a voice, the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists started demonizing George Soros in our country as well. Steve King, a Republican extremist, said that George Soros is targeting the entire democracy of the West.

Of course, George Soros is doing nothing of the kind and is doing a lot to promote freedom all over the world. His own charitable organizations are decentralized and the power is not all in his hands but in various separate boards and councils. It is actually different than most philanthropic organizations in this regard. This debunks all those extremists who say that he wants to be a puppet master and to know more

The Great Things About The Brown Agency

Located in Austin, Texas, The Brown Agency is your ideal full-service talent agency. Representing models and actors in commercial, film, television, voiceover, print and more, providing its clients with the most experienced talent professionals in the industry. So many positive reviews from some of the most trusted companies in the market, making The Brown Agency one of the most sought talent agencies in the south.

Providing services for Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, New York Fashion Week, L’Oréal and many other renowned brands, The Brown Company successfully helps companies get to where they need to go, earning a reputation as having the right fit in terms of body type, personality and talent in their professionals for what a company expects. With The Brown company, by it being a full-service agency, customers can receive variety in at one stop versus having to shop multiple agencies to satisfy their high demand projects.

Because The Brown Company is atop the list for talent agencies in the south, models and actors are guaranteed to go through extensive training regimes to ensure the right attitude, skill set, work ethic and personality. Talents are hand picked based on the proper body types, emotional appeal, talent, growth potential and willingness to completely adhere to the top brand client base. No talent makes it through the training programs without completely understanding how to enhance the project that they are called for. Expect to receive talents that meets and exceeds expectations.

Many different styles and sizes of talents from both male and female professionals are available. Plus size, tall and skinny, fitness build, regular everyday people, red hair, green hair, etc.; Whatever our clients are looking for we can provide. All models and actors are encouraged to apply! A great thing about The Brown Agency is the fact that they do not require a professional portfolio to find out if candidates are a great fit for the company. Just as long as The Brown Agency can see the potential in the candidate, they’ll move forward, totally eliminating the possibility of missing out on golden opportunities. Check out

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Matthew Autterson and Biotechnology Knowledge

Matthew Autterson is the head of CNS Biosciences, Inc. He’s situated in Denver, Colorado and works in the vast field of biotechnology. He’s both the CEO and President of his company. CNS Biosciences, Inc. is a bioscience business that focuses on the unveiling of neuropathic pain medications. Autterson is a diligent businessman who without a doubt has a strong grasp of the biotechnology world. He goes above and beyond to learn about all kinds of subjects that relate to biotechnology advancements and changes. His devotion to learning is part of the reason he has so many diverse achievements under his belt.


Autterson is part of Falci Adaptive Biosystems‘ Board of Directors. He’s a proud member. Many people who work in the business realm in Colorado are deeply familiar with Autterson and with his work. He has a prominent business leadership position in the state. Matthew Autterson a leader for many organizations throughout the years as well. Several examples of these groups are the Webb-Waring Foundation, the Denver Zoological Foundation and the Board of the Denver Zoo.


This executive has been on the staff at CNS Biosciences, Inc. for numerous years at this point. He landed his positions with the firm back in the summer of 2013. He also works for GL3B Partners Limited, LLP as a Managing Partner. He’s been with GL3B Partners Limited since the summer of 2001. He shows zero signs of slowing down with the company as well.


Autterson worked for the Resources Trust Company for a long period of time. He was the firm’s President for close to two decades. He got his job with the company in the spring of 1982. He stayed with it until the spring of 2001 came around. Resources Trust Company ran out of the Denver region. Get More Information Here.


This is an enthusiastic professional who understands why education is invaluable. He went to Michigan State University for his undergraduate education. His Michigan State University education gave him the skills and abilities necessary to pursue a rewarding career that would stand the test of time.


Autterson likes to connect with individuals via social networking websites. He, because of that, has an account on a well-known social platform called Twitter. Matthew Autterson has a lot of fun posting Tweets that involve topics that pique his interest. He adores connecting with people who are part of his field, too. They regularly pay attention to all of his Tweets.

Architects Professionalism at American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a famous organization of architects around the United States. AIA is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The American Institute of Architects offers government support, public outreach, education and society redevelopment. The organization was primarily formed to support architects in their profession and to improve their public image.

Moreover, AIA cooperates with other companies in the design and construction field to expand their scope in the building industry. AIA is led by Robert Ivy who serves as its Chief Executive Officer and who runs it towards success because he is positive about helping architects achieve their dream. American Institute of Architects was established in 1857 with only 13 architects to elevate their professional and has grown currently to having 90,000 architects.

The company was first called New York Society of Architects which had a constitution and bylaws to be followed. Architect Thomas Walter from Philadelphia brought a suggestion of changing the name to American Institute of Architects with a new constitution which the members signed in April 1857.

AIA works to train them so that they can enter the market when they are fully trained. At AIA, there are five stages of membership, one there is architect members who are permitted to practice architecture in the U.S. and associate members with architecture degrees but are not licensed to practice architecture, however are operating under supervision as interns.

Also there are international associate members who hold an architecture license of operating outside the United States, emeritus members who are at least 65 years, have been AIA members for over 15 successive years but are unable to work in the architecture profession and lastly allied members who have professions related to the building and design field like planners, engineers and landscape architects among others.

Robert Ivy who leads AIA is a skilled architecture. Robert Ivy is an alumnus of the University of the South where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and then he joined Tulane University and received a Masters in Architecture. Robert started his career journey in 1996 as an Editor in Chief at Architectural Record where helped release the most informative architectural journals.

Moreover, Robert also worked at McGraw-Hill Media, where he served as its Vice President. Ivy is an award-winning architect and has earned many awards such as Crain awards among others. Robert Ivy is positive that AIA will help many architects find a lively life in the architectural career and also inspire youngsters to take architecture.

Aloha construction Inc, creating better homes for future generations through expert maintenance services

Whether a person still lives with his/her parents/relatives or they have their apartment, it is their dream to one day have a place they can proudly say it is theirs and one they can confidently call home. However, what they don’t know is that owning a beautiful home takes a lot than what they think. Once you build your own house, you now have a lifetime commitment to take care of it. By taking care I mean you should know that it is subject to wear and tear and that it needs regular maintenance which will cost you. Also, you should be ready to look for a company that is highly qualified, and one that has been in the market long enough thus has the experience to deal with all types of repair experience like Aloha Construction, Inc. The construction company proudly serves all Illinois residents, and up to date, it has left more than 18000 homeowners with its incredibly high-quality repair and maintenance services. It is well structured with an office team, field supervisors, installers, inspectors and specialists who work together and round the clock to ensure the satisfaction of their clients.

The company has been around for quite some time now and is a family run business which means even more satisfactory results because the management understands the essence of making other families happy. Thanks to that the company continues to grow and becomes better with each dawn, and it prides itself on being the pioneer of unparalleled excellence and innovation. It has become one of the top players in the industry, and it is not backing down soon as it aims at not maintaining its quality services but also exceeding them. According to the current president and chief executive officer of the firm, the secret ingredients of the success of the company have been honesty, competence, good relationships between all its associates and clients and also integrity. Through these, the company continues to take over the home maintenance industry and also making most homeowners happy about the state of their homes. The company is based in Lake Zurich and offers an array of services such as waterproofing, stucco, insulation, gutter and door installation, roof cleaning and inspection services, storm, hail and wind damage repair, and roofing among many others. Besides Illinois, the firm also offers its services also extend to residents in South Wisconsin.

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