Jeff Yastine: Business, Economy and Everything In Between

     Jeff Yastine has more than two decades worth of experience in financial reporting and stock market investments. He has been nominated for the Emmy Award multiple times for his take on the nation’s underfunded systems. Mainly, he focuses on public infrastructure and contributed in rekindling the real estate sector after the mid 2000s crisis. Jeff also warned his readers about the dot-com bubble, and joined the Total Wealth Insider in 2015. As well, Jeff is a contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. Mr. Yastine has a passion for educating people about business, the economy and money. He is so good that the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants honored him and a few others with the Excellence in Financial Journalism Award for a special on the bond market.

Easier Road to Compliance

Jeff Yastine’s opinions on all matters concerning finance and business are revered. He recently brought up an emerging market dealing in Regtech. Regtech is regulatory technology, which takes advantage of advanced software to cut regulatory costs. This service is most useful for banks and insurance companies. It was estimated that it would take two years and $10 Million to fully adhere to the rules of the banking sector as required by federal law. However, with Regtech specialists, it would take about three months and $300,000. The Regtech industry is set to grow from a $70 Billion to more than $100 Billion in the next three years.

Second Chance

Like every other stakeholder in the retail industry, Jeff Yastine is all concerned with its rapid death. Big retail chains have been seen to close shop and declaring bankruptcy. Jeff is convinced there is untapped potential in retail space. These possibilities could end the mall apocalypse. Major players in finance are buying malls and repurposing them to apartment complexes among other ideas. Jeff is hopeful that this could mean a second life for retail spaces.

Safer Online

Cybersecurity is an essential aspect of the economy. With so many businesses moving online and the emergence of cryptocurrencies, there are all the reasons to take caution. Jeff Yastine is confident that artificial intelligence and automated software analysis will go a long way in solving the hacker problem. One such solution is Mayhem. This tech roams about the system looking for flaws and fixing them. The Pentagon has already employed Mayhem.