Securus Fights Hard To Prevent Crime

Secures Technologies was one of the first inmate communication providers to come up with a crime prevention initiative. Rick Smith, Secures CEO, says, prevention goes beyond incarceration. Securus Technologies got their start as a governmental regulating network. As one of the first of their kind, they also monitored other networks. This easily allowed them to create a program using the strong characteristics they’ve always used with their network. Part of their crime prevention will include monitoring, and communications safety. It was not long before their program took off and customers began to lead the fight against inmate communication crime.


Crime Prevention Initatives


– Stop contraband

– Prevent illegal trade

– Stop inmate money transfers

– Prevent inmate cellphone use

– Stop illegal inmate gambling


Securus wants to ensure the safety of the general public with proven effective crime prevention. They are aware that 1/3 of the crime committed in a correctional facility can start over the phone. Securus is there to provide the added supirt to lend to crime prevention taking place in a correctional facility. Their customer feed back forum listed directly on their website is another method used to report crime.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate calling providers with over 246,000+ highly trained IT professionals and a large growing number of nationwide customers. Compared to other networks their rates are cheaper $4 to $1. In fact, their technological advanced network gives their customers a secure way to talk to the ones they love or a friend in a institution.


Securus Technology Features


Remote visitation

– Advanced pay network

– Inmate voicemail

– Securus web app

Food packaging services

– Friendly customer professionals


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details today.