Jeff Yastine the Celebrated Financial Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing

     If you are an avid reader and you are looking for an editor that will help you grow your financial wealth then Jeff “JL” Yastine is the person you should be looking for. Mr. Jeff is the current editor for Total Wealth Insider. The seasoned editor joined the Banyan Hill Publishing family in 2015 infusing a breadth of experience of a financial journalist and an ardent stock market entrepreneur.

Mr. Jeff is passionate about finance and investment. In addition to being the editor of the Total Wealth Insider, Jeff contributes weekly to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily. In his columns, Jeff Yastine helps his investors understand the current monetary and economic trends in the business environment. On top of this, Mr. Yastine helps his readers to make profitable investments by emphasizing on the numerous profit opportunities shared by fellow Banyan Hill’s financial editors.

Prior to joining Banyan Hill, Jeff worked as a correspondent and an anchor from 1994 to 2010 at the PBS Nightly Business Report. It is at this position that Jeff Yastine got to earn the biggest career achievements of his time. As if this is not enough, Mr. Yastine was able to meet, interview an learn finance and investment secrets from some of the most successful investors including Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines, the famous financial investor Warren Buffett and Michael Dell to name but a few.

Some of Jeff Yastine famous works include the mid-2000s reports on the real estate sector. Jeff’s warning report about the real estate crisis helped investors who had paid attention to his council avoid the huge loses that were being experienced in the market. He also went ahead to report about the new century dot-com bubble, the 2005 financial effects of Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 oil spin that occurred on the Deep-waters among others.

Like in any profession, Jeff efforts in his line of work have been recognized and awarded on a number of time. This editor in 2007 received a nomination by the Business Emmy Award due to the report he did on the underfunded public infrastructure sector of America. With a team of NBR journalists, Jeff was also awarded with the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ an Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. This award was because of the 30-minute video report on America’s bond market.

Jeff Yastine is a great addition to the Banyan Hill. His expertise and experience will not only be of importance to the publisher but also the readers seeking to increase their financial wealth.