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Jeff Yastine: Business, Economy and Everything In Between

     Jeff Yastine has more than two decades worth of experience in financial reporting and stock market investments. He has been nominated for the Emmy Award multiple times for his take on the nation’s underfunded systems. Mainly, he focuses on public infrastructure and contributed in rekindling the real estate sector after the mid 2000s crisis. Jeff also warned his readers about the dot-com bubble, and joined the Total Wealth Insider in 2015. As well, Jeff is a contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. Mr. Yastine has a passion for educating people about business, the economy and money. He is so good that the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants honored him and a few others with the Excellence in Financial Journalism Award for a special on the bond market.

Easier Road to Compliance

Jeff Yastine’s opinions on all matters concerning finance and business are revered. He recently brought up an emerging market dealing in Regtech. Regtech is regulatory technology, which takes advantage of advanced software to cut regulatory costs. This service is most useful for banks and insurance companies. It was estimated that it would take two years and $10 Million to fully adhere to the rules of the banking sector as required by federal law. However, with Regtech specialists, it would take about three months and $300,000. The Regtech industry is set to grow from a $70 Billion to more than $100 Billion in the next three years.

Second Chance

Like every other stakeholder in the retail industry, Jeff Yastine is all concerned with its rapid death. Big retail chains have been seen to close shop and declaring bankruptcy. Jeff is convinced there is untapped potential in retail space. These possibilities could end the mall apocalypse. Major players in finance are buying malls and repurposing them to apartment complexes among other ideas. Jeff is hopeful that this could mean a second life for retail spaces.

Safer Online

Cybersecurity is an essential aspect of the economy. With so many businesses moving online and the emergence of cryptocurrencies, there are all the reasons to take caution. Jeff Yastine is confident that artificial intelligence and automated software analysis will go a long way in solving the hacker problem. One such solution is Mayhem. This tech roams about the system looking for flaws and fixing them. The Pentagon has already employed Mayhem.

The accomplishments of Logan Stout as an Entrepreneur

Logan Stout is a man with many titles that can be used to describe him. He is a very successful entrepreneur with a strong interest and passion in Baseball. Logan Stout is also an active philanthropist, a leadership trainer and a keynote speaker. Throughout his entire career, Logan Stout has been able to succeed in making many billions of dollars. He attributes the success that he currently enjoys to hard work, discipline, commitment and above all passion. When it comes to leadership, Logan Stout has been able to have a consistent record. Through this excellence, he has been able to reap benefits from all business ventures and has made his name recognized internationally.

Just recently, Logan Stout joined the sector of health and wellness. In 2014, he founded a company known as IDLife LLC. The company is involved in the production of many energy supplements, weight management and sleep aids items. In order for customers to acquire the ideal products, they have to first take an assessment test. The products offered by IDLife LLC have been known to give the customers customized benefits. Since it was established, the company has been able to register a lot of success and growth. This is all thanks to the exemplary leadership and management skills of Logan Stout. Logan Stouts works in conjunction with other partners like Darwin Deason, Jen Widerstrom and also Troy Aikman. Just recently, IDLife was named as one of the 100 Top MLM Companies in the World.

Due to the strong passion that Logan Stout has when it comes to baseball, he started the Dallas Patriots which is one of the largest baseball organizations. This group was started so as to give inspiration to the youths so that they can continue developing their skills and elevate them to the next level. The organization offers training to the youth, specifically who need encouragement and from disadvantaged backgrounds. According to Logan Stout, it is possible for anyone to succeed in any profession provided they get the required training and encouragement. He strongly advises individuals to connect their mind, body and soul in order to achieve success in any field. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Logan Stout is also an established author and has written books like The Stout Advice which is the secret to building yourself, teams and people. He writes his books so as to offer mentorship to any person who needs help in chasing their dreams.

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Jason Hope Contribution to Anti-Aging Research

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, SENS is a non-profit organization built by the support of prominent philanthropists, researchers, private individuals, and scientists. SENS main goals revolve around molecular and cellular damages as building a rejuvenation biotechnology industry or cause of diseases of aging and advanced regenerative therapies in Parkinson’s and cancer diseases.

Jason Hope donated $500,000 in 2010 as a gift to enable SENS to equip and build the Cambridge SENS laboratory and implementation of new research program focusing on breaking down advanced glycation products in human tissue. Jason Hope is passionate about supporting SENS and its goals because they take a different approach to anti-aging and are focused on finding the cure for diseases that cause people to age faster. Unlike traditional medicines that look at treating these diseases, that affect the all the functions of the body, SENS aims at stopping these disease from ever happening, and his Linkedin.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale Arizona and grew up in Temple. He attended Arizona State University for a Bachelor of Science in Finance and has an MBA from W.P Carrey of Schools at Arizona State University. Currently, he is involved in multiple entrepreneurial pursuits in industries that leverage, computer, and technology information systems. In the beginning of his career, he created a mobile communication company but he has since shifted his focus to biotechnology, investing in startups and philanthropy.

As a skilled futurist, he understands technology, has a passion for it, and uses that knowledge to watch the industry making predictions on the future of technology. He believes in the power of internet things based on current technology trends. Jason believes the power of internet things is key in the future of modern society due to the growth of the number of devices becoming connected devices. He offers insights and advice on technology to individuals and modern businesses looking for better possible ways to capitalize on technology in future, and what Jason Hope knows.


Jason Hope Philanthropic Involvement

Jason Hope is passionate about giving back to the community. He supports the SENS Foundation as this foundation goes beyond treatment of diseases to using technology to reverse or slow down the aging process. SENS Foundation is working on reversing diseases such as respiratory illnesses, Alzheimer’s, lung cancer and heart disease using technology that prevents these diseases from even developing.

Scientists have isolated 6 natural compounds that could help us slow down ageing #antiaging

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) June 20, 2016

Jason Hope mentors high school students across Scottsdale and develops grants programs for entrepreneurs. He a dedicated interest in politics as related to business in Arizona state and nationally, and

Eric Lefkofsky’ Interest in Medical Research

There top reasons that have led to an increase in expenditure for Americans are;

  • Aging
  • Need for intensive care which is more costly
  • An increase in the cost of healthcare
  • Growth in population
  • Prevalence of diabetes

According to recent research, inpatients care for Americans increased by $439 billion per year. The expenditure continually increased regardless of any efforts to reduce it including reducing the number of days the patients were admitted.

Diabetes was found to be the highest cause of increase in expenditure per year at $64 billion with all the factors during the study having a significant impact on the disease. Low Back pain and neck pain was the second after diabetes at $57 billion per year, an 8.5% increase in inpatient expenditure. The amount of care needed for this was on the rise, but its prevalence remained constant.

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur. Eric Lefkofsky is also a co-founder of Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, Mediaocean, Groupon Uptake Technologies, Inner Workings and Tempus which has solely focused its technology on fighting cancer with its new operating system. He has had a great passion for breaking the medical barriers of cancer which is evidenced by his billion donations for its research.Cancer is one of the diseases that Americans are spending their fortune on because of its costly nature.

Lefkofsky has as well dedicated his time to work on a technology called Tempus to revolutionize the treatment of cancer. He and his wife felt the need to develop an initiative to in which people could assist the communities they worked in. In line with that, they established Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. Through the foundation, Leftkofsky and his wife Liz have dedicated their time and money to support people and charitable organizations. The foundation focuses on human rights, art, education and medical research. The couple has a particular interest and dedication in medical research in cancer. This can be partly attributed to the fact that Liz and her close family members have had cancer. The modern cancer technology aims at improving the care given to cancer patients through its ability to keep an updated data about the patient that can be accessed instantly. The technology will also come handy for health care givers in giving cancer patients a personal care

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Securus Fights Hard To Prevent Crime

Secures Technologies was one of the first inmate communication providers to come up with a crime prevention initiative. Rick Smith, Secures CEO, says, prevention goes beyond incarceration. Securus Technologies got their start as a governmental regulating network. As one of the first of their kind, they also monitored other networks. This easily allowed them to create a program using the strong characteristics they’ve always used with their network. Part of their crime prevention will include monitoring, and communications safety. It was not long before their program took off and customers began to lead the fight against inmate communication crime.


Crime Prevention Initatives


– Stop contraband

– Prevent illegal trade

– Stop inmate money transfers

– Prevent inmate cellphone use

– Stop illegal inmate gambling


Securus wants to ensure the safety of the general public with proven effective crime prevention. They are aware that 1/3 of the crime committed in a correctional facility can start over the phone. Securus is there to provide the added supirt to lend to crime prevention taking place in a correctional facility. Their customer feed back forum listed directly on their website is another method used to report crime.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate calling providers with over 246,000+ highly trained IT professionals and a large growing number of nationwide customers. Compared to other networks their rates are cheaper $4 to $1. In fact, their technological advanced network gives their customers a secure way to talk to the ones they love or a friend in a institution.


Securus Technology Features


Remote visitation

– Advanced pay network

– Inmate voicemail

– Securus web app

Food packaging services

– Friendly customer professionals


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details today.


End Citizens United Wants To Stop Corruption In Political Campaign Donations

James Anderson recently published an article called “Russians Weren’t the Only Meddlers in the 2016 Election According to End Citizens United” in the Hi-Tech Chronicle, a website dedicated to providing independent articles on technology and science.

The article on reveals that the recent revelations foreign contributions to the presidential elections of 2016 may not be the only ones. The story of the Russian company purchasing more than six-figures worth of digital campaigns placed on social media platforms has been under investigation for more than a year. While it is still unclear if American officials were working directly with the company or not, many elected officials are still complicit in allowing foreign donations to be made to political campaigns in the first place.

While foreign entities are technically not legally allowed to donate to political campaigns, there are a variety of loopholes throughout the financial laws which make it easier for them to donate. Right wing lobbyists and lawmakers have been attempting to remove the limitations to the political campaigns for decades. Because of this, there are a variety of ultra-wealthy individuals who can have a gigantic influence on the political outcomes based on their contributions.


The loopholes are such that American citizens will unlikely understand just how much foreign money was poured into the American presidential election of 2016. Not only are the contributions difficult to track, but there are more than just the Russians at work.

Mueller also discovered that corporations owned by Chinese nationals and Mexican entrepreneurs donated sizable amounts of money to super PACs. There are more than 15 different cases being investigated on the illegal campaign spending of foreign entities. Because of the nuances in the law, the Citizens United case in 2010 revealed that these political donations are considered “speech” and therefore a part of the rights of corporations. The decision currently allows corporations and advocacy groups to spend unlimited amounts of money which are donated to political campaigns.

The law not only allows organizations to support political candidates who endorse their interests, but because the law currently allows unlimited donations, organizations are often able to bribe officials.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee formed after the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United v. the U.S. Federal Election Commission in 2010. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to countering the influence of corporate and foreign money that influences the American campaigns.

End Citizens United uses grassroots fundraising tactics to help stop foreign agents from influencing the elections.

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American Institute of Architects Plays Key Role In Development Of U.S. Cities

     One of the unique contributions that America has made to the world is the advent of the modern city. Through the development of the technologies and techniques that made the steel-framed skyscraper possible in the late 1800s, American architecture, led by the American Institute of Architects, has led the way to what we now know as the modern city. Not only has the development of the modern city, based on the urban built environment of New York and Chicago, changed the way in which hundreds of millions of people live and work across the globe, it was arguably the key development that allowed America to become a world economic power, dominating global trade for more than 100 years.

An organization that moved architecture into the real of respectable professions

Today, the American Institute of Architects is run by the renowned architect and biographer Robert Ivy. He fills a position that has a deep history, with the chairmanship of the AIA being held by some of the most recognized luminaries in the history of American architecture.

But prior to 1857, American had no professional organization for architects at all. It was the ability of anyone to call themselves an architect, coupled with the complete lack of professional standards, that led to the formation of the American Institute of Architects in 1857. At that time, it was one of the first professional institutions in the country, meaning that the architecture profession has been a rigorous and scientifically oriented profession for nearly 175 years.

The professionalization of architecture quickly led to an increase in quality and standards of the members of the AIA. Acting in a capacity similar to the American Bar Association or the American Medical Association, anyone who wanted the privilege of calling themselves an architect needed to pass through the gatekeepers at the AIA. This assurance of standards and quality led directly to the incredible advances that took place in the American built environment between 1860 and 1960, with the U.S. leading the way in the implementation of virtually all building, architectural and design schools. In fact, while American architects have traditionally looked to European, Roman and even Indian built environments for inspiration, today, the world largely looks to American buildings as the benchmark by which all architectural achievements are judged.

In this way, the American Institute of Architects has played a crucial role in the ascendance of American buildings and cities as models to be emulated worldwide.

Ted Bauman’s Philosophy In The Industry

     Ted Bauman joined the publishing institution called Banyan Hill back in 2013. In that company, he used to be the editor of “Bauman Letter” which put more focus in asset protection for the clients, privacy, and international migration issues for the migrants.

It also assisted the investors in that it showed low risk investment strategies so as they can know where and how to invest in their capital. Ted Bauman has always been in research looking for ways to assist the society in protecting, governing and investing their wealth to make profits.

On 19 October 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost a huge value in just a few hours due to the inconveniences that had arisen. During the times, traders stared at each other since they had no idea what they could sell due to the falling rates in the market. The major and prominent institutional investors applied automated algorithmic systems because they decreased costs and time wastage in making quick decision making.

The logarithm program applied in various trading practices such as Alpha Stock Alert and Smart Money. This logarithms were invented by Ted so he applied his knowledge to outline them. The logarithm combine several issues that the leading institutions do not know about. The first issue is the hedging strategy that alerts the investors before it shows the correct figure in the stock market.

Secondly, according to Ted was that algorithms consists of both fundamental and sentimental analysis. Lastly, it’s the computer system that do use algorithms to make several calls. Ted has written a variety of articles that has managed to help the business community at large.

They include the “Invisible threat to your wealth”, the “how algorithm beat the market ten times over”, among many more. Ted advises his people to start saving annually for the retirement savings and also seek assistance from the business professionals. He also informs people that new and advanced technology create a huge impact in the industry because a new platform will have to be used for better efficiency.

People tend to use gold for future use, Ted insists that gold should be used as an alternative since its market value can depreciate or appreciate hence not being safe. In his articles, Ted Bauman discusses the importance of not using digital probate such as the passwords, accessing codes, and login IDs with the public. Many investors look up to Ted for insight.

The Career Journey of Jeff Yastine

     Since 2015, Jeff Yastine has been serving as the Editorial Director at the Banyan Hill Publishing. He has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to editing. This has also led to his promotion at his position at the Total Wealth Insider. Apart from being an editor, Jeff is also a provider and assists in giving informed expert decisions to all standard investors. This in return helps them in comprehending the market opportunities as well as means of maximizing profits. Jeff Yastine has more than 2 decade’s worth of experience in the stock market investing field and also as a financial press officer. The great thought of Yastine on investing has led to the growth of numerous wealthy merchants from all parts of the world. Jeff has also in the past been involved in different mentorship programs which are meant at promoting individuals from poverty to riches.

Jeff Yastine works as a content provider to the daily winning investor and sovereign investor which are based at the Banyan Hill Publishers. Jeff’s actions has made a lot of contributions towards the understanding of the business environment, monetary value trends and has also created profit earning opportunities when it comes to the commercial sector. The efforts made by Jeff Yastine have been directed towards the growth of small-scale investors in the stock exchange. He is also a strong advocate of smart farming and that the many investment opportunities that the field brings. In the past, Jeff Yastine has assisted in warning both local and foreign investors on the crisis that is normally linked with real estate management.

Jeff Yastine has in the past been an Emmy nominee in the anchoring category. From 1994 to 2012, he served as a correspondent at the PBS Business report. Jeff has also reported different important occurrences such as the Massive Hurricane which took part in 2005, Katrina’s financial implications and also the influence of the robust manufacturing plants located in the South of USA. Jeff went to Cuba on two occasions to collect information about the responsibility of foreign investment when it comes to the living standards of the country. Jeff Yastine uses the platform of social media to inspire numerous people about the investment world. He also gives warning on the increased cases of bullying and cyber attacks. According to Jeff, it is important for everyone to have knowledge about investment to make the right investment decisions.

How JHSF Participações SA has Benefited from José Auriemo Neto’s Tenure as CEO

José Auriemo Neto is a prolific Brazilian business executive who is also instrumental in the local and global growth of JHSF Participações SA. He is a distinguished graduate of Fundaçao Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation (FAAP), which is headquartered in São Paulo. Neto not only serves as the CEO of JHSF but also seats on the firm’s board as CEO. JHSF ventured into the Brazilian real estate market back in 1972 with a goal of venturing into commercial and residential developmental projects.

Neto’s Tenure at JHSF

When Neto joined JHSF over two decades ago, his duty involved overseeing the company’s real estate ventures. He is regarded as one of the driving forces behind the company’s parking lot management branch called Parkbem. JHSF’s management team handed Neto the responsibility of developing Shopping Santa Cruz. This is because of his efforts in turning his parking lot management ideas into reality. After its successful launch, Shopping Santa Cruz was listed as JHSF’s first shopping destination.

José Auriemo Neto manages Manaus based Ponte Negra shopping center and the Metrò Tucuruv. These commercial properties are part of JHSF’s extensive portfolio of retail and shopping centers. Nero was among the members of JHSF’s management team who enabled the company to venture into the retail business.

JHSF Participações made its debut in the business by partnering with Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci, which are world-renowned fashion brands. The partnership agreement stated that the three fashion brands were allowed to manage retail outlets in JHSF’s Cidade Jardim shopping complex. Neto was also present when Valentino signed a partnership agreement with JHSF to launch Valentino and R.E.D in Brazilian stores.

As CEO, Neto is currently overseeing the completion of two commercial developmental projects situated in São Paulo, Brazil. His duty is to ensure that JHSF thrives in lucrative real estate markets such as New York, USA, and Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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