Music Was The First Love Of Investor Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has worked for many of the world’s leading financial institutions in an illustrious career taking him to globally recognized brands such as JP Morgan Chase and has recently become known for providing his investment knowledge to millions of everyday people in his home country of Brazil. What is less well known to the majority of people is the dedication to music Cassio Audi displayed in his early life when he became a member of a hall of fame heavy metal band, Viper.

The band, Viper is still touring with many of the original members still in place but Cassio Audi saw his musical flame burn brightly for a few short years when he joined Viper as the band’s first drummer. Cassio Audi joined brothers Yves and Pit Passarell, singer Andre Matos, guitarist Felipe Machad as founding members of Viper, a band achieving commercial and critical success with the release of their first two albums across much of the world. In a time prior to the Internet little was originally known about the members of Viper with many critics shocked to discover the band was made up of teenage musicians with little experience of working in various bands.

One of the most impressive aspects of the early career of Cassio Audi in music came in the form of the ability of the drummer to replicate the beats and rhythms created by his heroes in the new wave of British heavy metal of the early 1980s. In the recording of the debut studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”, the band and their iconic drummer created one of the best-loved albums of the early years of the Brazilian heavy metal genre.

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