Netpicks: How Traders Can Navigate Through the Tough Summer Season

Investors in the United States, particularly on Wall Street, are scratching their head over which strategies to employ over the summer. In many years, summers have proved hard for traders to cope due to the recurrence of choppy markets. Most investors have held the opinion that it is almost impossible to stop the market on Wall Street for the longest time. These investors never imagined a situation where a choppy market would present too tough trading challenges to knock them off-balance.

Changing Attitude

As confident as the investors have been, it is evident that this year is going to be different. The tech sell-off witnessed earlier this year have sent investors in Wall Street back to the drawing board, with a majority of them now alive to the threat that choppy markets could potentially bring forth. Nervousness is evident among traders; their earlier arrogance has been replaced by the fear of the unknown.

Laying Down Proactive Strategies

All is not lost for traders. Surviving the choppy market may appear hard from the surface, but it is easy for a good strategist to navigate through the season- and reap huge benefits from it. There are strategies that traders have used since the year 2000 and have yielded results over and over again. while markets change overnight may make it hard to tell if yesterday’s strategies will be operative today and in the future, a 17-year success record could bring some optimism.

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Lock and Walk strategy is the most effective strategy that anyone could confidently use and benefit from. The strategy is proactive and requires a trader to perfectly understand and apply the QID and QLD support and resistance levels. When used interchangeably, the chances of incurring losses are minimized. For example, a trader can target support to sell after undertaking a QID resistance test and target resistance to sell upon undertaking a QLD support test.  Read and learn from this relevant article.

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