Netpicks Provides Online Trading Strategies For Choppy Summer Market

A general mood of uneasiness has gripped Wall Street this summer, as investors try to make sense of the changes that have taken place across the financial industry. The technology selloff earlier this month has only contributed to a growing sentiment that the market may not be as unstoppable as we might believe.

Traditionally, summer has been a weak time for the markets, as people tend to think more about pools and vacations than investing, but a sense of nervousness has only compounded that tendency.

Obviously, past performance is no guarantee of success but the Lock and Walk method has been profitable before and remains a popular proactive strategy to gain profit in times like these. The idea behind the strategy is to respect support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq 100NXD then trade the ProShares Short and UltraShort QQQ QID when those resistance levels are tested or broken.

Basically, it looks something like this. If the support is tested by QLD, then you target resistance to sell. If it breaks, sell the QLD. If the resistance is tested by QLD, you target support to sell, and sell QID when the resistance breaks. If that strategy sounds familiar, it should. It’s all in the basic rulebook. But the defining feature of the Lock and Walk Strategy also is that if it gains 67 basic points, you shut down and wait for the next trading session. It’s not a long term strategy, it’s a short term solution for choppy markets.

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