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The Importance Of A Good Budget

A good budget is important for a business, but equally as important for an individual. A balanced income combined with an understanding of future expenses is critical to avoiding ending up with a mountain of debt.

Direct deposit means we do not have to see our paychecks. This can be problematic because you do not see how much money is coming out of your check in deductions. It is imperative to realize that what you have earned is not actually what you are paid. The Federal government, the state, insurance for health or dental and a 401K are a few examples of what is taken out of your check.

Saving some money on a weekly basis when you are young means you can actually be wealthy upon retirement. The money you save will earn interest, and as that interest compounds, it adds up substantially over a period of years. This will go a very long way toward helping you plan a good retirement.

For something along the lines of a student loan, you credit history is fairly unimportant. A mortgage however, is almost impossible to get without a very good credit score. Focusing your attention on the accumulation of actual cash and assets will help your credit score.

Paying for something of good quality will save you money in the long run. Looking around before you purchase to find a better price is advisable as well. You can even negotiate some items like insurance and get an excellent value for your money. Learn the difference between an excellent value and something that is just cheap.

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur of American descent. In 2009, he founded Forefront Capital and became the CEO of the company. He also previously founded Pali Capitol, a company specializing in global services of a financial nature.

Brad Reifler was also known as a star trader at his very first business. The company was called the Reifler Trading Company, and Refco took over this company in 2000. He has also been a director at several major companies and is the grandson of the founder of Refco.

Reducing Risk

Risk is one of the key variables to consider when you are building a financial plan. Over time, there are many people who lose money because they do not take on enough risk in their portfolio. If you put all of your savings into a bank, you are earning very little interest on your money. This is something that a lot of people do not realize until it is too late.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is someone who encourages a lot of people to invest, no matter what their current financial position is. If you are young, you can afford to take on more risk in your investing. However, if you are close to retirement, you should scale back on your investments. A lot of people are starting to learn the hard way about investing.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar runs a financial planning firm out of San Diego. During his time in business, he has helped a wide variety of people with their personal finances. A lot of people do not realize how much he can help them with their finances. If you are someone who wants to start investing for the future, he is a great person to get advice from.

He knows the steps that you need to take in order to have success over the long term. For many people as they get older, it is about changing the allocation in their portfolio. If you are someone who wants to get more creative, investing in gold can be a great hedge against bad economic times.


One of the oldest asset classes to invest in is gold. If you want to reduce risk in your portfolio, investing in gold is a great way to accomplish that goal. A lot of people simply do not realize how risky it is to have all of your eggs in one basket.

If the economy goes down, you will not be able to recover without a hedge in your portfolio. As a general rule, the stock market and gold go in different directions. This means that if there is a crash, you will be able to have some sort of floor that prevents you from having your finances out of order.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Brian Bonar has helped a lot of people with their finances. One of the best ways to accomplish your financial goals is to invest in the right asset classes. A lot of people have the wrong asset allocation within their portfolio, and this causes a lot of issues down the road. Brian Bonar has done a great job of planning out various scenarios for people to work through over time.

Report Shows Benefits Of Shared Working Spaces

Coworking spaces offer several benefits and advantages to traditional working spaces. The collaborate atmosphere gives workers a greater feeling of autonomy and enhances creativity and productivity. This is all substantiated by a report made by furniture manufacturer Haworth that was featured in a Dezeen article. The report was conducted to see the positive effects that coworking spaces had on both large and small companies. The report found that there is a growing trend in the use of coworking spaces and they suggest that more and more large companies will also begin using them for their myriad benefits. The collaborative environment created in shared work environments are much more productive than the hierarchical atmospheres often created by traditional work environments.


One of the leading providers in shared office space in NYC is Workville. They have carefully designed their coworking spaces to meet all the different needs of individual freelancers, small business, startups and more. Open desks, shared offices and move-in ready offices are all available for use, depending on the desires of the client. Workville strategically positioned themselves on 1412 Broadway for a central location that is easy to commute to from every part of the Big Apple. It is also located very close to Time Square and Bryant Park.


Individuals and businesses large and small alike will find everything they need at Workeville NYCs’ offices. The dynamic office spaces offer quality wifi to facilitate fast and productive work flow. Other necessary office amenities such as private phones and printers are also included. Workville also has mail service for each office. These work spaces are open 24 hours so clients have complete freedom to work when they want to. For those who like to spread out and work, there are also 3 terraces, a lounge and a cafe that is open for everyone. WorkVille is a prominent leader in offering shared office space NYC and it is clear to see why. They provide state-of-the-art office spaces with all of the required amenities and even more. With all of the proven benefits of this new style of work environment, it’s time to join in the trend and discover a new way of working.

Betsy DeVos Follows Her Calling As An Educational Reformer

Betsy DeVos, wife of former Amway CEO Richard “Dick” DeVos, is on a mission to help every child in the state of Michigan receive a good education. Since her freshman year at Calvin College, Mrs. DeVos had dedicated her life to helping the less fortunate. She witnessed first hand the inequities of the state’s education system and vowed to do her part in making it better.


Mrs. DeVos and her husband are strong believers in school vouchers and charter schools. “These are phenomenal programs that have really helped children who are stuck in subpar school,” said Mrs. DeVos. Their foundation has helped fund a number of initiatives to reform education and raise awareness.


Mrs. DeVos is also at the forefront of Republican politics. She has served as chairwoman of Michigan’s Republican National Committee for nearly 10 years. Dick DeVos is the former head of the state’s Board of Education, a position he won in 1990. He also ran for governor in 2006 against Governor Jennifer Granholm but lost.


Although Mrs. DeVos concedes that the fight for school choice was tough, it slowly caught on. She is also pleased to see that several other states have joined in the reform effort. “Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are just a few who have adopted voucher programs into law,” said Mrs. DeVos.


She says it was a grassroots effort that helped raise awareness. Now parents are fully aware of the choices and how they will affect their children in the long run. Mrs. DeVos says all of the choices are very valid. The fact that all children are given the opportunity to reach their god given potential is main goal.




How Does FreedomPop Provide A Better Cell Phone Experience?

FreedomPop is the most-advanced and progressive of all the cell phone companies in the world, and they have created a network far more powerful than other networks of the same type. This article is a story about using FreedomPop for the greater good, and it shows that there is power in the high volume of customers at the company. Someone who is truly dedicated to saving money will find FreedomPop both illuminating and enticing.

#1: Free Or Mostly-Free Phones

The concept at FreedomPop is the free cell phone. They began with free cell phones in an attempt to offer customers something they may use without the stress of a high bill for the service. They have succeeded in every aspect because their free phone plans have firm parameters that are simple to follow. The finest phones are offered through the company for little money, and the overall scope of the company involves a majority of free customers.

#2: Mostly-Free Plans

Mostly-free plans are those plans conceived as free until the limit has been breached. Breaching the limit of the plan on FreedomPop bumps the plan up to the next step, and the plan becomes more expensive with a bill still lower than most. Every user who comes to FreedomPop for a phone may change their plan simply by using it more. They will pay more when they receive their monthly bill, and they will not hit caps on the plan that are seen with other companies.

#3: Better Phones

The phones offered through FreedomPop are no worse than any other company in the world. FreedomPop prides itself on offering phones that are lovely to use, and they have contracted with Motorola to offer the MotoE. Their commitment to offering better phones shows they believe a customer must have better services if they will continue to use the service.

#4: Long-Range Thinking

Every FreedomPop review thinks in the long term. They have a large network that is improved with continual investment in fundraising, and they have completed multiple funding rounds for their networks alone. The networks are incredibly-strong, and they provide better calling strength for the user. FreedomPop cannot compete without a better network, and their networks are performing better than ever.

FreedomPop is the finest place to acquire a cell phone, and there are millions of potential free customers who will enjoy a FreedomPop phone. Their plans and savings are welcome in the top-heavy cell phone market.

What Is All The Buzz Surrounding White Shark Media About?

White Shark Media has arrived on the AdWords scene and those who want to launch a new advertising strategy might find the company a great help. Even those who already have an AdWords campaign up and running may wish to talk with someone at White Shark Media. A change in direction may be advisable and White Shark Media could help with this goal.


Bing and Google do want people to experience AdWords success. Satisfied clients are going to continue using the AdWords service. The process is not too difficult, but hiring an experienced AdWords specialist may be the best path to follow. Why try and struggle through the AdWords process when a marketing expert could handle all phases of the campaign? White Shark Media is home to search engine marketing (SEM) specialists who positively can assist clients with their goals.


The testimonials page of White Shark Media is filled with “tales of victory” so to speak. As is the case with any service, the results acquired by clients are going to vary. The testimonials page is still extremely important to check out because the commentary reveals positive results that could be attainable. Positive results come in two sought-after forms. One, they save money for businesses on an advertising budget. Two, they help increase revenues for businesses exploring advertising capabilities.


Testimonials from White Shark Media clients reveal commentary about having earned good sales figures after turning over the duties to the company. That alone should give potential clients a boost in confidence towards the firm.


Dealing directly with a sales representative can aid in discovering more about White Shark Media can do. Calling the company up and speaking to a representative would be the traditional means of learning more. Since this is an internet marketing company, no one should be surprised an alternative means of discussing campaigns can be accessed. An online streaming meeting with a sales representative can be done. No matter where in the world a client is located a meeting with a rep from the Miami-based company can be conducted online. Free evaluation cover new and existing campaigns. The evaluation will give would-be clients an insight into how White Shark Media would work to boost AdWords-based revenue.


White Shark Media could provide a reliable solution to those who wish to expand their marketing potential. AdWords management absolutely is worth considering. Why not consider procuring management help from White Shark Media?


Find out more about White Shark Media:

George Soros is Back in the Political Scene

George Soros, the Hungarian born billionaire, who has dual citizenship as an United States citizen, is back in taking an active role in American politics by donating more than $25 million to Democratic candidates and progressive leaning movements. This is after a long hiatus of not taking an active role in American politics after his not successful 2004 campaign to unseat President George W. Bush. At that time, he had given $27 million in hope that Senator John Kerry could defeat Bush, whose rhetoric reminded him of Nazi Germany.

George Soros, who is worth an estimated $25 billion, is in the top 25 of the world’s richest people. During this campaign season, some of his most notable donations have been to:

$8 million to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.
$7 million to super PAC – Priorities USA Action. This PAC‘s goal is to get Clinton elected.
$5 million to super PAC –Immigrant Voters Win. Their goal is to turn the election by focusing on the Hispanic Vote in key states.
$2 million to super PAC – American Bridge 21st Century. A PAC that goes after RepublicanPresidential nominee Donald Trump.
$700,00 to various Democratic Party entities.

An article in late 2015, Soros wrote that Donald Trump is what the Jihadi terrorist groups want in our next President. George Soros wrote that the Islamic State and Al Qaeda want Americans to be scared. He stated Trump, along with politicians like Ted Cruz, by preaching and creating fear and anti-Muslim feelings, that ordinary Muslims see no alternatives but to become involved with the terrorists. Soros believes that the only way to effectively fight and win against these groups is not to elect politicians who preach this fear and hatred.

Soros believes the stakes are high this year and if the conservatives get in office issues on he has worked for in the past are in danger of getting set back. Issues like immigration reform, criminal justice and religious tolerance could see their recent accomplishments erased and set back if Trump is elected.

Soros involvement this year has led other liberal donors to give.

$31 million by Tom Steyer, San Francisco Environmentalist
$13 million by Don Sussman New York Hedge Funder
$11 million by Haim Sagan Media
$11 million by Fred Eychaner Media

The money given by the rich liberals have given Clinton and other Democratic candidates a huge advantage financially. Soros and these other rich donors hope to see the fruit of their donations come to sprout on November 8.