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Inmate Calling That Works For A Reasonable Budget

You don’t want to lose your connection with your loved ones in a correctional facility and you now you can stay connected with a superior network compared to other providers. Securus Technologies is the leading provider of inmate calling regulations guided by the Public Utility Commission. There are millions of inmates rely on a phone call from a correctional facility. Their families feel lost without a reliable network that allows them to stay connected to their family. You don’t have to depend on a network that doesn’t stand by customer service satisfaction. There are a number of people that have secure access with Securus.


Combined with Vimeo and JPay there are interactive features that will let you save money, commute less, and talk more. Your disabled family members and out of town friends can enjoy many new features with Securus. Take the first step to saving money and get all the calls that you have specified under your contract. Securus specializes in an excellency in inmate calling that is unmatched by any other. You can find many features on the Securus official website. Enjoy being able to talk to your loved ones under a secure network that causes them to continue to be a valued customer.

Valuable Features

Voicemail Network

Leave a message for an inmate with Securus Technologies. This allows you to tell your loved ones in a correctional facility what you want, when you want. Learn more about inmate calling on the Securus website.

Telephone Pay

Telephone pay is a great feature that works for anyone unable to find an authorize agent. Being in a rural area can limit your resources for an authorized dealer. Hang up on automated operator assisted calls and pay over the phone. Join Securus Technologies and save today.


Keith Mann as Entrepeneur and Philanthropist, Making NYC Great!

Keith Mann is a young New York entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2000. In 16 years, he has become one of the top experts in hedge fund compensation and executive search agencies in NYC.

DSP is a premier executive search firm that Keith Mann has designated to be devoted to equity and investment firms. As founder, CEO and managing director of Dynamic Search Partners, he used his investment skills to specify independent executives for alternative investments, hedge funds, and equity firms. DSP also has a reputation for having the largest database in the country.

The company has also expanded to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Keith Mann has used his talents to build a growing and successful firm in the global investment industry, but building DSP is not his only interest.

Keith, and his wife Keely, have a deep respect for education in the United States, and they believe it is important that the children of today get a good education; they are the future of America. Over a decade ago, the Mann’s and Uncommon Schools began a relationship because they both had the vision to see more students succeed in business.

The Mann’s connected and have been assisting Uncommon Schools ever since. Uncommon Schools is a charter school for low-income students in grades K-12. The goal is to prepare their students for college. This charter school system began in Brooklyn, and now has expanded to Massachusetts as well as New Jersey.

Now, a second school in Brooklyn was recently opened, and Keith Mann, along with other significant members of the financial community raised over $22,000 in a fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. These funds were donated to the new school.

In the next project, DSP partners collected over $10,000 to ensure that Uncommon Schools could provide essential testing for every student including AP and PSAT.

But the Mann’s have not stopped here. Keith Mann, as a dedicated philanthropist to helping these low-income students, and last year, he and Keely opened a college scholarship fund for the seniors who are graduating. They encourage other entrepreneurs to join in with them.

The History of IAP Worldwide in Provision of Their Services

Under the leadership of Douglas Kitani, Ingenuity and Purpose focuses on using their expertise and high levels of technology to offering professional and technical services in the U.S government and global agencies. The company specializes in logistics and procurement, facilities management as well as technical services. The first subsidiary company of IAP started back in 1953 with Pan Am World Services Inc. It developed the first space launch complex base in America with its location in Cape Canaveral Florida, since then it has supported testing of more than 2500 launches. Johnson Controls Worldwide Services (JCSW) acquired Pan Am Services Inc. in 1989, which saw it become a leading company in the management and maintenance of military bases and commercial centers worldwide.

IAP started in 1990 with its first assignment being the provision of generators supplies to the U.S Army in Saudi Arabia. It has continually given support to the troops in the Operation Desert Storm over the years owing to their partnership with the U.S military. In 2005, IAP purchased JCSW and G3 Systems, which formed IAP Worldwide Services. The company’s focus was to acquire professional expertise and experience to run efficiently in a rapidly changing environment. IAP Worldwide Services serves more than 25 countries and over 2000 employees operating in over 110 locations globally.

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IAP Worldwide offers different services, which include:
• Government solutions- IAP provides 24/7 support if the military base operations through the aviation support, communications, and the expedition services. They are also involved in the logistics and the supply of the army equipment and facilities

• Expedition Services- IAP offers construction or upgrade of infrastructure following the information acquired from the environmental impact studies as well as public consultations. They also meet their customer’s housing needs as well as ensuring their safety and comfort.

• Power services- They collaborate with electricity companies to restore power in the places hit by disasters. They also give renewable energy, temporary and permanent power services as well operations and management of power plants.

• Aviation Engineering Services- IAP is the leading company in providing engineering and logistics as well as technical services to the military forces in U.S. They repair and upgrades the hardware and software for the airborne communication systems.

• Information Technology and Communications- IAP Worldwide Services builds new networks and upgrades the existing ones using the latest technology. They also develop specialized communications in the border as well as monitoring facilities in the hostile environments.

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Nourish Your Hair With An Award Winning Hair Treatment

Nourishing your hair has never been easier for women all across the world. Reliable hair care products won’t strip or damage your hair. Most women are looking for effective hair care products that are reasonably priced. Taking care of your hair doesn’t have to cost a fortune. All natural ingredients have proven to be easy on your hair providing lasting results. In under a week watch your hair become stronger and healthier. Wen hair by Chaz provides an all natural hair care solution that is safe to use every day. Restore your hair in under 30 days with a revolutionary hair care system.
Wen by Chaz has an impressive selection of hair care products that give your hair shine and easy manageability. Give your hair the treatment that it deserves for under $40 on Sephora. Each product has the proper usage listed and customers have the opportunity to use the exact recommendation for your hair. Amazingly, Wen by Chaz works for all hair care types. Watch your hair transform in under a month. Put your hair on a regimen that will give you remarkably longer and healthier locks. Pamper yourself with Wen by Chaz and your hair will love you for it.

Wen by Chaz Collection

– 5 in one treatment
– Deep cleansing conditioner
– All-in-one conditioner
– Shampoos
– Complete hair care system

Wen by Chaz helps you restore your bounce and shine. Give your hair the body that it needs with their deep cleansing conditioner. Each product has a rich aroma with wonderful scents like almonds and figs. After a long day immerse yourself in the rich aroma of Wen by Chaz when you wash your hair. Visit the official Wen by Chaz website Facebook page and Wikipedia page for more details.

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How Sanjay Shah Facilitates Autism Awareness Creation.

The awareness creation month of Dubai kicked off on the on 2nd April 2016, and various organization such as Autism Rocks held gigs to mark the day. Autism Rocks is a foundation that was founded in 2014 by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife Usher Shah to teach the society on the autism disorder. The annual event had many fun undertakings that made it be a family event, and its entry fee was Dh 50. Activities that were featured include horse riding, zip line, crazy golf, face painting, laser tag, bouncy castles, barbecue and inflatable rides. Florida and Tyga were invited by the organization to entertain the guests since they are persuasive to the youth.

Sanjay Shah and his wife decided to start the foundation to assist in transforming the society’s perception on children who suffer from the neurodevelopmental disorder. The couple has a child who suffers from the disease, and therefore, they understand its effects and would like to help other people who are in the same situation. The organization has been raising its funds through holding music concerts, and it has collected approximately 600,000 pounds since it was established. Musicians who have contributed towards the success of Autism Rocks include Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Michael Buble.

Sanjay Shah is a London-based tycoon who is the proprietor of Solo Capital Limited. He started the company as a small financial boutique that had a small office on the outskirts of London, and it has developed into a multimillion business. The firm became incorporated in September 2011, and its head offices are in London. Mr. Shah has gained a lot of profits from the company, and he has other businesses in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, and Dubai.

Sanjay’s career started in the in the medical sector before he began working in as an investment banker. He has been an employee of various financial institutions in North London. Mr. Shah was motivated to start his company when he was retrenched in 2008. His business grew over time, and he is currently worth $280 million and has private offices that are located in Dubai and London.

Squaw Valley’s CEO Andy Wirth Is Pushing For A Mass Transit System In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of those incredibly beautiful areas of the United States that has been caught in the quest to enjoy leisure time in the great outdoors. Thousands of people come to Lake Tahoe for a variety of reasons. The main reason in the winter months is the ski slopes. When skiers infiltrate the Lake Tahoe area, traffic comes to a standstill, and that’s not good for business, according to the CEO of the Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, Andy Wirth.

Wirth has been the CEO of the famous ski resort since 2012, and he wants to lead the project that will solve the traffic mess. Wirth has proposed a multi-million-dollar redevelopment project for his resort. The project does offer remedies for the congestion, but Wirth is quick to point out that a reliable mass transit system is the key to solving the traffic snarls that create anxiety and frustration for residents as well as visitors.

Andy Wirth has a successful track record in the ski industry. Wirth spent 20 years at the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort before taking the position at Squaw Valley. Andy was born in Germany, but he chose Colorado State when it was time for a higher education.

While he attended college, he was a backcountry ranger for the National Park System. Wirth is a dedicated runner, Ironman competitor, and avid skier. According to CBS, Andy Wirth was recently appointed Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, and he is active in several other organizations in the Lake Tahoe area.

The redevelopment of the Squaw Valley/ Alpine Meadows Resort is a major project. When it is completed in 2022, the ski resort will turn into a 12-month a year vacation and recreation facility that offers summer sports as well as 6,000 acres of ski slopes.

The project was recently approved by the Placer County Planning Commission. The County Board of Supervisors will rule on the project shortly. The main concern is to keep Lake Tahoe as pristine as possible, and still accommodate thousands of visitors every year. That’s a tall order, but Wirth thinks it is doable.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Running for Governor

The nation of Brazil is going through a lot of change right now. Although this is not a bad thing, the country does need the guidance of strong leaders during this time. If you want to take things to the next level in Brazil, it needs to have leaders that have the vision to improve the country while also focusing on the needs of the present. Far too many people do not have this vision, and over time it can really hurt things in the country. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has announced that he is running for political office in Brazil. This is great news for people who want to help others. He has a great background in business, and he has worked his way up in society to get to where he is today. If you want to take things to a new level in Brazil, he is a great choice.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Since an early age, Jose Manuel Gonzalez has wanted to influence the lives of others. At one time, he was able to do that with his business. However, as it grew, he quickly saw that he could also impact people in other parts of their life. There are a lot of people who want to vote for him, simply because he is a man of the people. Jose Manuel Gonzalez knows what it takes to turn the country around, and he knows that Brazil still has a lot of potential to become a world power. If you are someone who wants to impact the lives of others, you should read about the life of Jose Manuel Gonzalez. He is a great role model of how to succeed in life and in business.

Final Thoughts

Jose Manuel Gonzalez knows what it takes to succeed. He has worked hard his entire life, and he is using this work ethic now to get to a new level. He has recently announced that is running for public office, and many people are excited to vote for Jose Manuel Gonzalez. If you want to impact others, read about the life of Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

Demystifying Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an integration of various technologies to enable lights to work automatically under certain conditions. There are different types of smart lighting network that can perform various tasks such as switch on when one gets into a room or even change color. Smart lighting at times also does have sensors that regulate the amount of light when needed or when desired. Smart lighting is usually networked and can be controlled remotely.

Smart lighting network can be different as per the settings. The lights sometimes work independently and at times together. The two main types of smart lighting, however, are; sensory integrated and the non-sensory integrated.


The sensor integrated lights have sensors which make it possible for them to recognize people, daylight and among other things. The sensors can also be manually controlled if need be. The non-sensor integrated lights as the name suggest have no sensors. They are however still considered smart as they can still be programmed.


Smart lights are usually controlled in two ways: by use of control hubs or use of smart devices. In small houses, one can use a computer, tablet or smartphone to control lights when connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In big buildings, a dedicated control hub is used to maintain the smart lighting.


The primary importance of using Gooee’s smart lighting is to save money on bills, saves energy and makes life easy since one does not have to do all these things manually. Some of the smart lighting products available include:


• Philips Hue




• Lumen Smartbulb


• Belkin WeMo


• LG Smart Lamp


• GE Link Smart LED


• Samsung Smart Bulb