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Malini Saba’s Life Story—Rising From Rags to Riches

You may only know Malini Saba as a well established philanthropist from South Asia, but I have a reason to believe that the lady was a very successful investor as well. In a bid to enhance her efforts in helping other women, Saba established the Stree–Global Investments in Women organization in 2011. The non-profit organization was established to help improve the value of the at-risk and low income women in the society. After formation, the Stree organization was inaugurated by the former USA president, Clinton, along with Queen Noor of Jordan. Since its launch, the organization has been resourceful in helping women access legal healthcare and healthcare.


Saba as an Investor


The reason why I think that Saba was a successful investor is because she is the founder of Saban. This is a popular company that once retained, and I believe still does retain, varied investments across the world. Through her company, Saba invests with such things as technology companies in the USA, Real Estate in Australia and gas and oil in China. This suggests that the lady was rich too and I think she used her wealth wisely. For instance, she donated a sum of $1 million to help establish a Heart Research Center in South Asia. She also pledged to help the victims of Tsunami in India with $10 million in 2004. I think this is very noble of her.


The investment career for Malini Saba started in early 1990s when she became the venture capitalist for Silicon Valley. Malini has acquired expansive experience in the world of investments, having invested with not less than 20 technology companies. Some of the companies that Saba invested with include Net screen Technologies Inc, Paypal Inc and Sycamore Networks, Inc.


Saba’s Early Childhood


Malini Saba was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but was brought up in Australia. Her parents were Sri Lankan of middle class. At the age of 19, Saba moved to the US. She says that she had only $200 at the time she moved to the US. After moving to the US, she and her husband rented a house within the proximity of Stanford University Campus. They stayed in this rented house while they pursued their education with the University.


This kind of early life depicts Saba as someone who rose from ‘rags to riches’. Having started with only $200 and ending up as a multinational investor, worth millions of dollars, I think Malini Saba is an exemplary woman. What I like even more about this woman is that she never forgot her origins; even with her wealth and affluence, she continued to fight for the poor and afflicted women and children across the globe.


EOS Natural Lip Balms Best For Lips and Pocketbook

Naturally derived lip balms are best for moisturizing chapped or dry lips. Moisturizers that contain vitamin E which has both antioxidant and moisturizing properties is just one of the lip softening ingredients found in many lip balms including a readily available and fairly priced one called Evolution of Smooth.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms, also known as EOS lip balm, contain mostly organic and all natural ingredients to soothe, moisten and smooth lips. One ingredient, jojoba oil is one of the most moisture rich oils found in nature. Calming and comfortable, jojoba oil is derived from the jojoba nut tropical tree. Shea butter is similar in softening and soothing properties but is a creamy and emollient raw material. Like jojoba, it is derived from a natural plant source.
When looking for a natural lip balm, the above mentioned ingredients are recommended by dermatologists and beauty reviewers alike.

If you like fruity flavors, then EOS organic delivers. With flavors like honeydew, strawberry sorbet and new organic lemon twist, your smooth lips will taste as good as they feel. No other lip balms have the signature round shape of the EOS lip balms. They are both delightfully fun and functional. Another great advantage, the average price of this soothing balm is only about three dollars. They also have tinted products for a bit of color.

In fun striped versions, there are EOS visibly soft lip balms. Not organic, but all natural, they boast the flavors of vanilla mint, coconut milk and blackberry nectar.
For those who prefer a traditional lip balm lipstick like container, EOS does have a sweet mint flavor in that configuration.
Whether you purchase EOS brand or another, do look for natural ingredients and avoid waxy petroleum derived moisturizers for healthier lips. Refer to their Facebook and Linked In pages for more information. Visit the website

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New Projects in New York City

New York City real estate industry has grown significantly. This year, there were several proposed developments. Most of these were large office projects. The largest project was the Tishman Speyer’s that is in the Long Island City. The second on the list was Thor Equities project, found on the Red Hook’s Waterfront. Out of this planned developments, only three are going to be residential buildings. One of them is going to be a hotel.

Not long ago, Tishman Speyer started looking for funds to construct the huge Long Island City project. The developer expected the tower to raise twenty seven stories. It would also contain several office spaces and other rooms for manufacturing. Tishman partnered with H&R Real Estate Investment Trust and managed to acquire a loan of six hundred and forty million to complete the project.

In Brooklyn, a company that is owned by Joseph Sitt, known as Thor Equities is planning to construct a five story building. The project is expected to span over six hundred and fifty square feet. According to the permit applications, the building will have ground floor retail. The highest floor in the building will have a roof deck. A walking track will also be constructed on the top floor.

At the 22 Chapel Street in Brooklyn, Delshah Capital, a real estate company owned by Michael Shah is planning to construct a rental building. The company will partner with OTL Enterprises, owned by John Carson. Reports say that the project will contain one hundred and eighty units. According to the permit applications, the building will have two thousand square feet for rental space.

Omni New York, owned by Mo Vaughn and his partner Eugene Schneur are planning to construct a one hundred and fifty unit residential buildings at the New York City too. The project is expected to be a fifteen story building. The building will offer affordable housing to the residents in the city.

Town Residential is one of the real estate companies in New York City. The company is led by an experienced team of professionals, and this explains why it has done so well. For individuals who want to invest in a safe haven, Town Residential is the best option for luxury New York real estate.

FreedomPop Truly Has Free Services That They Offer To Everyone

It’s easy for any company to make promises, just so they can bring in customers, but not all those promises are kept after a customer finally makes the switch to their company. Cell phone companies are notorious for changing their prices, and many would even call this tactic a bait and switch. A FreedomPop review shows they aren’t into any tactics that require deceptive practices to bring in their customers, they simply lay out their plans with the lowest prices, which is the best way to gain customers. Since the company has great services already, the low prices are just a bonus for those looking for a new home for wireless services.


With so many wireless services to choose from, why is it that FreedomPop should be the first choice? There is no doubt that many wireless services out there will have great perks that they offer, but they are all about the low prices. Part of FreedomPop’s name is ‘free,’ which is a word that they utilizes very well by giving out free services. With free home Internet service, free cell phone service, and free data for portable hotspots, the company is allowing many people to use their services free of charge.


A FreedomPop review proves that they are the only company that will allow a person to use their cell phone services completely free without any cost at all or income verification. They also has Wi-Fi service that only costs five dollars every month that the service is used, and the service is completely unlimited as well. Accessing their Wi-Fi service is done when a person downloads the application, and after someone signs up for the service, they can use the Wi-Fi anytime they want to. The Wi-Fi service is available in millions of locations and can be used on cell phones as well as tablets and laptops.


FreedomPop is also proud to offer 1 GB of free Internet data for the home Internet service, and those that have the home hub for Internet service will be able to have Wi-Fi in their home as well. Anyone who has chosen to purchase the FreedomPop portable hotspot will also receive 500 MB of data to use, and the user can also choose other data plans for their portable hotspot as well. Anyone who simply wants to join FreedomPop for the cell phone plans can choose the free plan, or they can choose one of the unlimited plans, which start at only $20 per month.


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Thor Halvorssen Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen grew up living in Caracas and speaks American English. He has exposed corruption in the government. Thor continues to strive towards getting rid of tyranny in the world. He believes that human rights and liberty should be a main discussion to always look at,analyze,and find a solution that will make change. He has shown great knowledge of human rights and liberty through the years. He is very persistent when fighting for a cause he believes in.

Thor Halvorssen is an astonishing and respected advocate for human rights. He is also a skilled movie creator with brilliant contributions associated with communal procedure, communal support, individual moralities and political rights, and pro-democracy activism. He is the founder for Oslo Freedom Forum and the president for the Human Rights Foundation. Human Rights Foundation is highly devoted towards gaining global freedom and rights. The Human Rights Foundation was established in the year 2005. His magnificent opinions and view on human rights have appeared on media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Huffington Post, Time Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He has also appeared on television sources such as BBC News, Fox News Channel’s, CNN,and HBO. Thor’s amazing work has been recognized and praised by several sources of media throughout the years.

Thor’s specialties include authoritarianisms, human trafficking, oppression, and extortions to equality. Besides tackling his specialties on a daily basis and aiming to form a solution he has also lectured to many about human rights. Some of the brilliant and aspiring lectures have been at Harvard Law School, United Nations Association, American Enterprise Institute, and the British parliament. Through the years he has not only gained recognition but also notable awards. One of his awards awarded to him was the Sol Feinstone Award. This award was presented to Thor for defending scholar speech. Thor was also presented with a presidential medal of silver during the anniversary of Romanian Revolution of 1989. In conclusion Thor is an amazing human rights advocate who has made effective change over the years and has gained supportive recognition by many. Find Thor on Facehook to learn more about his charities and events.

A Change of Pace: George Soros’ Donations for the Democratic Party

Known for his large spending in 2004 against George W. Bush, George Soros has returned to the political investment limelight. Though he had spent the majority of the last decade away from spending money on politics, which he noted he may never do again, with the political rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Soros knew he could not stay in the shadows any longer. Due to his belief in Clinton and hostility towards Trump, Soros felt obliged to help fund the Democratic campaign.

At this point, George Soros has already supplied Democratic campaigns and causes with over $25 million. As election day nears, sources have predicted that Soros will support the Democratic party with another hefty supply of cash. While he as pushed money in strong support of Clinton, he has also been working with many causes as an investor, including, but not limited to, Priorities USA Action, American Bridge 21st Century, and Immigrant Voters Win. These causes have ranged from research groups in opposition to Republican candidates to groups working towards extending voting rights.

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Soros’ lack of investing in politics in the past decade has been possibly credited to his distaste towards one wealthy individual having too much political power on An individual close to him reported saying, “the answer was that he found it ‘odious’ for any one individual to throw too much political weight around through donations.” Due to the state of wealth in politics at the time being, this close individual added their opinions on why they thought Soros rejoined investing in the Democratic party. “Maybe, in light of what’s happened in the last few cycles, it seems less so, or he feels like he needs to help balance the outside-money scales a bit,” they added.

Along with his support in the political arena, Soros has begun dedicating more time to Soros Fund Management. In fact, it has been reported that he is spending more hours in the office working on managing trades than he has in years. It is suspected that this drive towards trading has been fueled by Scott Bessent, his top investor, leaving the company. Either way, Soros is showing a great re-ignited passion towards investment trading at

In all, this past year has reflected how Soros acted years ago, both in his business and investing in the Democratic party. He now, after a decade, has pushed forward in his donations towards Hillary Clinton and other members and organizations of the Democratic party. In addition, he has renewed his dedication towards spending time working on trade investments for Soros Fund Management.

Read more at The New York Times about George.

Revolutionizing Marketing with Bob Reina


Bob Reina founded the first all-in-one video marketing solution company in the world- Talk Fusion. He formerly served as a police officer in Tampa Bay Florida. Reina was introduced to network marketing in 1990 and began to work part-time while still a law enforcer. He made a leap of faith and made marketing his full-time career. This was after he developed an incredible work ethic and realized he was passionate about network marketing.

The idea for his company came from an experience he had while trying to send a short video to his mother via AOL in 2004. He was unable to send the video using the email provider, so he got help from an IT-savvy friend to design a solution. Reina created a system that allowed videos to be sent via email. Using his new innovation he founded Talk Fusion.

In 2007, he entered the world of Media through Talk Fusion. Video Email was the first company unveiled by the company under his leadership. His experience has helped Talk Fusion to become successful in the WebRTC sector. The charismatic leadership and innovative vision of Bob Reina have made him an unspoken leader.

Reina has led his company to profitability and recognition in the industry of marketing. His company has developed award-winning products since its inception. An example is the Video Chat feature that earned the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award. Currently, Talk Fusion is available in over 140 languages and is offered in various languages.
Bob Reina believes in generous giving to help the needy. He actively involved in charitable giving programs. His donations include a stunning donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina has also contributed towards helping an Indonesian orphanage and saving animals. Talk Fusion’s CEO strives to help nonprofits and charities achieve their goals.

Besides donation of money, he also offers his time to work closely with beneficiaries of his contributions. Reina has initiated a program – Custom Monthly Plan, through which his associates can donate to a charity of their choice. The plan includes a full package of marketing services, private labeling for newsletters and emails, and a custom video email per month.

WEN: A Product That Is Loved Worldwide

At the age of 21, Chaz Dean was in search of a product he could trust enough to use on his own hair. He wanted to create a product that would cleanse his hair without leaving it stripped and damaged. Chaz began experimenting by boiling herbs and fruits to make potpourri. He would use the potpourri as a shampoo and conditioner to cleanse his hair. After a couple tests, he was confident in his results and began further experimentation.

It took Chaz five years before he was completely satisfied with the cleansing formula. After he perfected the formula, the product was introduced to a group of his closest friends and colleagues. He used their opinions as an advantage point and furthered his dedication and commitment, to make a product that people would not only use but love worldwide.

Chaz Dean first launched Wen hair 16 years ago. As of today WEN has over hundreds of thousands of loyal customers who all have something to say about their experience with the products. Emily McClure is a writer on, who tested out a WEN cleansing conditioner on her hair for over a period of a week. She took a photo of her hair before and after she used WEN each day. Wanting to give some insight on her experience with using WEN for the first time, she decided to write an article. She explains that the reason she tried WEN was because she had thin hair and wanted to give it some bounce and add a little moisture. After only a couple of days you could see the results in her photos and you can truly understand why it is that she believes this is a “great product”. Wen hair products are available on Total Beauty and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

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