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Technology Company Securus Highlights Integrity Breaches with Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies is among the leading telecommunications companies in the world. The company provides services to a number of clients in the private sector as well as in criminal justice. This company helps with tasks such as investigations, monitoring, corrections and public safety. Recently the company found out about a number of violations that took place in the industry. Securus found out that another telecom company called Global Tel Link committed a number of violations in the industry. As a result Securus Technologies is looking to restore integrity by exposing wrongdoing made by Global Tel Link. To accomplish this task, Securus has put together a comprehensive report.

During its investigation, Securus found out about a number of violations committed by Global Tel Link. It is therefore going to issue a press release over the next six months explaining to officials what happened. A report provided by Securus will be 17 pages long which highlights all of the violations that Global Tel Link committed. According to reports Global Tel Link committed these violations when it provided phone services to the various facilities of the Louisiana Department of Corrections. This report will be done in collaboration with the Louisiana Public Service Commission. By exposing these violations it is expected that Global Tel Link will make changes in their operations and not engage in any more unethical and unauthorized conduct.

When Securus Technologies and the State of Louisiana concluded their investigation they found out about some very significant violations committed by Global Tel Link. These violations resulted in a number of actions which would be used to make more money than necessary. One of the key violations reported was the company making artificial charges for each call so that more money could be made. Another violation consisted of programming phones to add more time in particular an additional 36 seconds per call. It was also discovered that Global Tel Link raised the call rates which was not allowed. Therefore Securus Technologies has decided to help put an end to unauthorized conduct by telecommunications companies with the help of the state of Louisiana and department of corrections.

The Ease of Being Victimized

It is very easy to be victimized online. There are a lot of things that could happen to an individual that will potentially result in a life change. Among the dangers that people are faced with are bad reports being released that could ruin a business and having personal and sensitive information released. It is important for one to be protected from such incidents. Also, in the case of these incidents, there needs to be a plan put in place in order to minimize the damages done to the person. Part of the plan is consulting an online image management company.

Status Labs is the company that specializes in online reputation management. Status Labs is in fact the most successful and prominent firm for online reputation management. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs is very experienced with online reputation management. He and his staff have worked with clients like political figures, celebrities, owners of large businesses, and plenty of other clients. He has also had to manage his own reputation. Therefore, he knows first hand what it takes in order to bring out a better outlook from people. He is proactive in the improvement of reputation for his clients.

There are many methods that are helpful in the improvement of the client’s reputation. For personal information, he does seek to have them removed from the Internet so that it can’t be used against the client. One example is someone that got doxxed. She has had all of her personal information leaked which could have resulted in people harassing her offline as well as online. She was fortunate to get in contact with Status Labs in order to take care of the problem before it got to be too overwhelming. There is a lot of importance in the protection of reputation as well as personal information.

Darius Fisher has put together such an effective company that he was named the Business Development Individual of the Year.

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Success in the Global Business World

David Osio is a powerful business minded individual who is responsible for single-handedly forming the corporations necessary to bring about financial advice to clients in Venezuela. Founded in 1993, the Davos Financial Group was created by Osio in order to provide an excellent level of advisement services to those who required them. Since its creation the company has seen incredible success, this is mainly due to the expertise and organizational skills of Osio, and has allowed the company to branch out to other areas outside of Venezuela such as New York, Geneva, Miami and Panama.

David Osio, to this day, remains as one of the more important figures in Latin America in the case of financial services, business management, banking and financial law. His specialties have opened many doors to Latin American nations and has become detrimental to the future success of businesses who look to Davos Financial Group for sage advice before making risky decisions without needed support.

Before his career took off Osio studied at Andres Bello Catholic University, which is based out of Venezuela and is considered one of the highest ranking schools in Latin America. This high level of education eventually branched out and allowed Osio to develop a keen business sense and he joined the MGO law firm in Caracas in 1984 which would help hone his evolving skills further. He stayed with MGO until he eventually was promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial. This position solidified his future as a respectable presence in the financial world and he would eventually move forward with breaking away from employment under someone else and entered into his own business development with Davos Financial Group.

David Osio is a proficient international businessman as well as having language abilities in both Spanish, which is his native tongue, and English, which is globally considered a major trade language between professionals in the business sector. Communication is often a key hallmark of success, and bilingualism or multilingualism is an important and powerful trait for any career professional to have, especially if that individual is working towards international gains, which is definitely an area in which Osio has frequented.

While the growing global market is seeking new and powerful allies to promote economic progression it requires mindful businessmen who can work towards equality in the work environment. David Osio is moving towards this goal, even if it is subconscious.

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Kyle Bass Predicts Market Losses By The End of 2016

Kyle Bass thinks China’s economy is headed for a meltdown that will affect the United States collaterally. He believes this because, examining the banking structure in China, he’s noticed that their practices are very similar to those America used prior 2008’s financial collapse. While he likely is correct in his assessment of China’s impending economic depression, the reasons for that are questionable; especially considering his history.

UsefulStooges points out that Kyle Bass supports Hillary Clinton in this year’s election. He also is a firm supporter of socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has defaulted Argentina two separate times in just thirteen years. Now, Bass is himself Argentinian by origin, though he runs his hedge fund out of Texas. Why would an economist based out of Texas sing the praises of a socialist despot who is demonstrably bad at economic things? Probably for the same reason Bass supports Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has globalist tendencies woven throughout her ideals and campaign, and de Kirchner thinks the same way. This is because at the core of socialism is a global revolution wherein the world economy eventually becomes centered in a single location. If Bass shares this perspective–and he likely does–then it makes sense he would support de Kirchner and Clinton. To a degree this is speculative, however; so Bass’ history must be examined in greater depth.

Consider CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, and is an organization that Kyle Bass has been running for a number of years now. The organization forces big-ticket pharmaceuticals to drop their drug prices through petitions, lawsuits, and the like. When the prices drop, so do the stocks of the company in question, allowing Bass to short-sell his holdings with said company and make millions. This is a “scam” Bass has worked on several occasions, and though congress has waxed bipartisan in trying to shut him down, they’ve been unable to do so as he technically hasn’t done anything illegal; just unethical. But one would expect that from a socialist whose aim tends toward the destabilization of strong economic powers in order that a global revolution be facilitated.

Goettl for your Pets: Helpful Hints to Protect Furry Friends from the Heat

There is discomfort and there are health risks for both us and our furry friends in the heat, especially the summer heat of Nevada. Goettl Air Conditioning recommends when cooling yourself off make sure you take steps to protect your pets as well:
* If the pavement is too hot for your hands it is too hot for paws. The direct contact with asphalt, cement surface or even a truck bed can reach dangerous temperatures and injure your pets. When it is very hot, try to minimize walks to the cooler early mornings or evenings where it is easier to walk more safely.
* There are special sunscreens for the noses and ears of light-colored dogs and cats. A lighter coat can mean a pet is more susceptible to sunburn so take precautions.
* The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that pets are groomed properly for the weather so discuss the best length of fur for hot weather with your vet or groomer.
* Since furry pets do not sweat like humans, we need to be extra vigilant about keeping them in the cool and shade, and offering fresh, cold water often throughout the day so pets stay hydrated and comfortable.
* Pools are a great way to cool off and entertain your pet — fun for them and laughs for you!
* With the warm weather can come changes around your property and extra vigilance is needed. In the garage watch for any spilled antifreeze or gardening chemicals that could be mistakenly ingested, as well as fertilizers, grilling items or other liquids or tools that could be tasted or licked in the heat.

Thanks to Goettl Air Conditioning for the warm weather tips for our pets!
Goettl has been a family business since it began in 1939 with Gust and Adam Goettl. As the new owner of Goettl Ken Goodrich is proud of the company and excited to continue to expand. As a young boy, Goodrich would go with his father on late-night service calls and as he learned about the air conditioning units he also learned about how to do business. His father mentioned, “The Goettl Iron Horse is a magnificent machine, nothing else comes close.” He held a flashlight while his father worked and he learned, “Always do the right thing.”

There is quality in the Goettl air conditioning product and there is integrity in the way that Goodrich runs his business and has concerns for the welfare of both customers and their pets.


Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

IAP Worldwide in the Business of Building Communities and Bettering Lives

Infrastructure, logistics, utilities or operations are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services provided by IAP Worldwide. Over 1,600 employees and operating in more than 20 countries translates into IAP Worldwide always being ready to bring solutions to the most challenging problems for both private and public sector customers.

Capable of fully integrating with an existing infrastructure or building one from the ground up, the engineering and design services of IAP Worldwide are comprehensive and proven. With each project IAP understands and appreciates the potential impact on communities and makes every effort to collaborate with the public and to ensure that both, the IAP clients and the communities involved find the solutions that work best for everyone involved.

Experienced in providing power generation, electrical systems (from installation to maintenance) and even water and wastewater treatment, a complete utility system can be designed and fitted for every structure or project that requires utility services.

Not only can IAP Worldwide provide fast response to housing needs by fast tracking implementation by way of their modular assets, but they are capable of office, workshop, kitchen and about every other additional build per customer requirements. It is also worth mentioning that all IAP facilities are built to meet LEED certification standards.

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Iap Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs in Virginia |

In addition to the communities built by IAP which are scalable and customizable also comes every emergency service that should be available for any responsible community. These services include fire, emergency, security and wellness facilities to name a few. IAP believes that supporting, protecting and providing for the communities they build is the only responsible course of action once construction is complete.

Another evidence of the complete solutions provided by IAP can be found in their IT and Communications division. No community becomes a community without the ability to connect and communicate. The data and operations systems implemented by IAP ensure each community is well connected and that communication is clear and fast by relying on the very newest and best that technology has to offer.

IAP may not say it aloud, but they are improving the world, one structure, one community at a time.

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