Making Prison More Manageable and Constructive

While prison is viewed as punishment for crimes, it is still important to make sure that prison can get people to change their ways. What it takes to get people to change their ways may be something unexpected. Fortunately, one thing that could help with law enforcement and institutions is communication based. Among the things that help prisons are telephones and cameras. There are also new innovations being developed by a company for prisons. This company is Securus Technologies. It has provided a lot of technological innovations for prisons as well as law enforcement facilities.
Securus is very involved in the solutions for corrections facilities. In a report by PR Newswire, it has released its analytical tool for the market of corrections. This “Big Data” tool is fully integrated. Among the features that are provided are some of the most recent web based technologies. At the same time, they keep the customers in balance with the type of tools they have always known. That way, the customers can adjust more easily to the new system. One thing that could throw people off is if a company makes a lot of changes to the system with no kind of familiarity. Fortunately, Securus has made sure that users have some kind of reference.

The new system is called THREADS 3.1. This system according to PR Newswire‘s review comes with a ton of new features. Among these features is the ability to listen in to SCP calls as long as they are run from within the application. One thing that threads helps with is catching any calling habits that bring a bit of suscpicion and attention to itself. This insures that the inmates and others are not overstepping their boundaries. This also helps prisons and law enforcement agencies operate in a manner that is efficient. Securus has served over 3,450 institutions and agencies as well as 1,200,000 inmates in the nation.

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