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Benefits of Beneful

No matter what breed of dog you own, nor what size or activity level they are at, you want to provide the best options in nutrition that you can afford. A fantastic food that is also quite affordable is Beneful brand, made by Purina. Purina is one of the largest manufacturers of dog food in the world. In fact, no matter what the pet or farm animal is, chances are that Purina has you covered.
Beneful makes foods that are moist, wet, kibble and chunk. They also have created a line of healthy, baked treats that allow you to give those rewards and gifts of love without feeling guilty about them. If you have a young puppy, then you should consider starting off with the Healthy Puppy kibble, designed specifically for that high energy baby who still is growing. Once your dog is beyond a year of age, perhaps two years of age, depending on the breed and veterinary recommendations, it will time to move on to the Playful Life kibble if you have a high energy breed. Other dogs will benefit from the nutrition in the Incredibites food that is designed with meaty chunks.

For premium style food at affordable prices, try the Chopped Blends line. This choice adds carrots and wild rice for that ‘home cooked meal’ feel. The most picky of eaters will absolutely love this food. With flavors such as beef, chicken or salmon, you can also give your pet the same sort of variety in their meals that you’d like for yourself. They’ll never get bored when eating Beneful brand foods. See,

When you would like to give your furry friend a reward for being good, or just for being your best friend, you can feel good about offering them a Baked Delights treat. Another product in the Beneful arsenal, these dog treats ( are baked and tasty. Your dog will eat them so fast that you’ll wonder if they stopped to chew them.

With the entire line of food coming in several different flavors, such as salmon, chicken or beef, it is never hard to get your pet to eat. You will be able to offer healthy and nutritious options to your pet for an affordable price on Wal-Mart. You don’t have to cut corners on your pal’s food when you go with Beneful and you’ll never feel like they don’t like their food. Beneful is also available online on Amazon.




Enterprise Radio Talks with Philip N. Diehl of U.S. Money Reserve

The management of private businesses rarely take part in lengthy interviews with the media. Philip N. Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, has made himself available to the public through an extensive interview with Enterprise Radio on the Enterprise Podcast Network. PR Newswire briefly discussed aspects of the interview in an article. Listening to the entire interview is strongly recommended for those who want to learn more about U.S. Money Reserve and gold investing in general.

U.S. Money Reserve is an interesting business located in the heart of Austin, TX. The company is a prestigious dealer in precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve has sold millions of dollars in platinum, silver, and gold coins. The company has even made it easier than ever before to purchase coins from the company thanks to an incredible new e-commerce site. Interestingly, the e-commerce site also provides helpful access to news and learning resources.  Learn more about US Money Reserve:

A significant amount of the success U.S. Money Reserve has achieved derives from the leadership of Diehl. Before he took on the job of top executive at this company, Diehl serves as a Director of the U.S. Mint.

In his intriguing EPN interview, Diehl mentions how the U.S. Mint was not living up to its true potential in terms distribution. Nor was the entity embodying a desirable level of good customer service. Upon arriving at U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl instituted a host of changes that greatly improved customer service. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

After listening to the interview, many may be intrigued to check out the inventory of U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl makes a strong case for investing in gold coins. Specifically, Diehl recommends gold coins made by the U.S. Mint since they are backed by the strongest economy in the world. Bars and bullion cannot make such claims.

Diehl also discusses the reasons why gold investing is popular these days. His points make sense and should answer questions those new to gold investing may have about why the precious metal is in strong demand.

Beneful. E’ruff said.

Your dog is a member of your family. This is why Beneful makes our food as if that furry friend were the paying customer. Fresh and quality ingredients, diverse flavor options, consideration to canine hygiene, and a passion for developing a pleasurable meal experience for our canine friends are all angles that we consider during research and development.
From our Beneful Baked Delights menu, you will find a collection of cheesy snack options like beef and cheese, chicken and cheese, and bacon and cheese. At Beneful, we want those in-between-meal snacks to be a highlight in a dog’s day. To that end, these Beneful shortbread cookie dog snacks, made with real meat and cheese, are sure to deliver. It is a Beneful cheesy meat-cookie; what dog have you ever known who would turn down a cheesy meat-cookie?

Our Beneful Healthy Smiles collection caters to the preference of either ridged snacks or twists. These Beneful snacks are designed not only to clean your friend’s teeth while he or she snacks, but to be so packed with flavor as to keep one chewing. Both Beneful snack types are offered in three sizes for mini, small/medium, or large dogs. The Beneful Dental Ridges are flavored with real meat. The Beneful Dental Twists are flavored with peanut butter (real & artificial flavors). Both flavors are given an accent of parsley. Link:

From the Beneful dry dog food line on Amazon, there are options for real beef, real chicken, and real salmon. We also offer Beneful Healthy Weight, a calorie-conscious food designed to help regulate your friend’s metabolism. Beneful Healthy Puppy is enriched to give your growing puppy everything one needs to grow into a healthy adult canine. Beneful Playful Life is our protein-rich meal made with real beef and eggs to give your furry friend the energy to meet the challenge of one’s day.

We also carry a variety of Beneful wet dog foods, for the canine with a more refined taste. Whatever your friend’s taste, we are certain we can more than ‘meat’ their expectations. Seriously. Cheesy meat-cookies. Link:

These products are available at your local Wal-Mart supermarket.

Fabletics is All About Active, Casual and Attractive

Kate Hudson is renown for much more than just being an amazing actress, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows anything about her that she is focused on others. This really is one of the forces behind her company Wikipedia page with the entire backstory. Not only have they devised a casual, attractive and active capable line of dresses, swimwear and more, they have found a way to make these options affordable as well.

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine she shares her goals for the company as she discusses some of the newest lines from Fabletics, including athleisure dresses. These new outfits from Fabletics are right in step with the company’s aim to make comfortable, supportive and stylish clothing that is never restrictive.

The idea behind the dresses incorporates the themes of being able to wear them virtually anywhere on, for nearly every occasion while ensuring casually comfortable attire for the athletic woman. Dinner, girls night out or even at the office, these dresses are created with comfort and ease in mind. She does remind readers during the interview though, that these are still dresses so non-dress activities probably isn’t the smartest choice!

Bustle’s timing couldn’t be better with this new line, in addition to their equally and even more activity friendly swimsuits, as summer is just around the corner. So the freedom to slip into something nice, not feel bound and having the security of being firmly supported is now easier than ever, thanks Kate.

As someone who lives and promotes fitness and an active lifestyle, she and the company have infused this mindset into all their clothing lines. It is just another way of encouraging women to get active and fit while still being comfortable without sacrificing the attributes of being a woman. Making life a little more free and easy and empowering women, it sounds like her. The only question left, besides what color to wear is…what’s next from Kate Hudson and the Fabletics line.

The Manse On Marsh; An Exceptional Choice For Assisted Living

Located in the heart of scenic San Luis Obispo, California, The Manse On Marsh is a beautifully landscaped assisted living facility that feels like an elegant hotel. The glass-topped atrium, a common area for socializing, resembles the lobby of a five-star hotel. There is even an executive chef who previously worked at the Four Seasons. Residents often enjoy taking visiting family members and friends to visit San Luis Obispo’s farmer’s market and the theaters and museums.  They have social media presence on Twitter located @themanseonmarsh.

Residents of The Manse On Marsh live in tastefully appointed one-bedroom suites, studios or cottages. With weekly housekeeping and daily bed making service, residents are free to take a Jazzercise or Zumba class, attend high tea or go an outing to the beach. Yelp reviewers report there are movies each day at the cinema at The Manse on Marsh, French language classes and more, so no one is ever bored. As owner of The Manse On Marsh, Chris Skiff sets the tone for the facility. He’s dedicated himself to making his assisted living facility a community where seniors enjoy activities and social events. The Manse on Marsh has a wonderful reputation as an exceptional place to live.

Living at The Manse On Marsh isn’t always a permanent move. People come to the assisted living center from rehabilitation centers for a respite, until they are ready to resume living in their home. Others choose a temporary stay at The Manse On Marsh before committing to live at the center full-time. Hospice care is also offered, with meals delivered to the room, medication assistance and opportunities for family members to stay overnight. awarded The Manse on Marsh the title “Best of 2016.” The prestigious award honors exceptional businesses providing care for older citizens. Senior Advisor chooses winners based on feedback from residents and this group rated The Manse on Marsh as exceptional.  Don’t believe it could be this good? Read the testimonials from real residents on the website.

Michael Zomber’s Role in the Preservation of History

Many people dismiss history without knowing that is plays an important role in determining the future. One man has however been on a solo mission to protect and preserve history by all means. Michael Zomber is an author, filmmaker, historian and arms collector who has cut a niche for himself by even using his own personal resources to ensure that historical relics are well preserved.

Relic Collection

The collection of antique artifacts forms the basis of Zomber’s work. This was initially a passion that has blossomed into a source of money for this immensely talented individual. He mostly visits auctions in far flung areas where the legendary but rare Japanese samurai swords are up for sale. After carefully assessing them, he purchases those that intrigue him most. Thereafter, he restores parts that are worn out before either reselling them or storing them in his personal gallery. His rare collection has no equal as far as antique arms collection is concerned.

Zomber’s Writing

He is the brains behind some of the most captivating books that have been penned in recent times. His impressive catalogue consists of books such as Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in the 17th Century, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War and Jesus and the Samurai amongst others. These books have been widely accepted in the literary world for depicting historical events in a manner that has never been seen before.

Film Production

Michael and his wife own Renascent Films, a film production and distribution company that they formed in 1998. It has churned out impressive motion pictures, which include the critically acclaimed biopic, Soul of the Samurai and Deep Sea Diving, which documents the journey of one woman on a sea diving mission. The production house also supports budding producers by nurturing their talents. In addition, it provides them with financial and technical support needed to launch their careers. Renascent Films was behind the production of award winning film, La Cucaracha, which came top among motion pictures during the Austin Film Festival in 1999.

Zomber’s Charity Work

Through Labors of Love, Michael Zomber and his wife Andrea support numerous charitable initiatives aimed at enhancing amicable resolution of conflicts. The couple has been steadfastly supporting the Randolph Bourne Institute in its efforts to improve free speech. Labors of Love has also been of great support to Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Disabled American Veterans, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders. This is done to boost peacekeeping efforts besides supporting those who have been affected by conflict.

Talk Fusion: Being Led By Bob Reina

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. Reina was not out to form his own company. In fact, all he was trying to do was embed a video in an email to some of his friends. Reina could not get it to work. He even went to the trouble of calling his email provider. They told him that this function was not available. Reina was not satisfied with this answer and so he asked a friend who was trained in IT to help him out. The two of them sat down and figured out a way to embed a video into an email. After accomplishing this, Reina realized that there were likely other people who would be interested in being able to do the same thing. And Talk Fusion was born.

Before Talk Fusion, Bob Reina had attended college in Florida and then gone on to enter the police force. He worked as a police officer for many years and served his community. Due to the low salary, Reina decided to pick up a part-time job as a direct seller. Bob Reina worked for various companies and had significant success in all of them. This experience is likely what led Reina to choose direct sales as Talk Fusion’s marketing approach.

Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has many happy distributors that have shared their story online. The company sells video marketing services. These services can be used by individuals to share videos with friends and family or they can be used professionally to help a business with multiple offices communicate more effectively. There are 5 main products available to consumers, including video newsletter, video email, live meetings, sign-up forms and video chat. And one of the great features about these products is that all of the video is in high definition. This means you are getting a clear, professional look with every tool. The tools are also all available for free for 30 days so potential clients can see how the products would benefit them.

Learn more about Bob Reina:

Yeonmi Park Stands up Unafraid to Pyongyang

Yeonmi Park is the vocal activist that is taking the world by storm. The North Korean defector has become something of an icon thanks to her inspiring story and the way she came out of her torturous journey unbowed, unbent, and unbroken. Park is one of the latest defectors of North Korea to take up a spot in the public world in order to speak out against what she had to endure. Park summed up her journey in her first and only book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom“. Now that the book has been released North Korean government officials have been quick to attack Park, according to
North Korea has a very strict way of regarding defectors. In the most violent cases, those that are at least known of, vocal defectors of North Korea have had to endure assassination attempts on their very lives. Park is risking everything by speaking out though she is safe outside of the North Korean borders where she spends time in South Korea and the United States. Now in her 20s, Park has become increasingly attacked by Pyongyang in a variety of different ways.

Pyongyang was quick to release melodramatic, edited videos that try to paint Park as a liar who is doing little more than garnering celebrity status as a ‘Celebrity Defector of the West’. NK News posits, with no evidence, that Yeonmi’s story was fabricated by the West to paint North Korea in a darker light. However, the more that Pyongyang yells about Park the less the world actually believes them. Though Yeonmi Park has had issues relating her story to Western audiences these have been problems created by a language barrier and the shame and fear that she still carries from the suffering she had to endure.

If you laid eyes on Park you would never know her steely resolve and the strength of hope that she possesses. Park is beautiful with porcelain skin and large, doll like eyes. Her timid and small voice never rises but cracks often when she tells of her story. That story can be and should be read by anyone interested in the plight of human trafficking victims around the world.