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Sam Tabar: A New Style of Leadership

In today’s business world that grows more competitive with each passing day, it’s vital for those who want to succeed to develop a style of leadership that breeds confidence in both clients and those they supervise. When it comes to having a clear vision of his leadership style, Sam Tabar is one of today’s most impressive business professionals. Whether employed as an attorney with numerous prestigious law firms or as a financial analyst and strategist around the world, Sam understands what it takes to inspire confidence in others and gain the results needed for success.

Early on in his career, Sam knew he would need to be different from others in the field if he was to achieve the results he wanted for himself and his clients. To accomplish this, he used the training he received at Oxford University and Columbia Law School to shape his vision for success. Having worked with numerous people in a variety of situations while attending these two prestigious institutions of higher learning, Sam had an insight few others could match. With his understanding of various cultures, Sam found himself ahead of the competition before he knew it, working with clients around the world. As the Capital Strategist for the Sparx Group, he found himself spending much of his time in Hong Kong and other areas in the Asia-Pacific region. At these meetings, LinkedIn shows Sam worked alongside some of the region’s top business executives in order to develop strategies that were considered to be cutting-edge as well as extremely effective. In fact, even today some of Sam’s strategies are still being used with great success, showcasing the unique talents he possessed then and still does today.

As clients the world over have learned, Sam is able to come up with the answers needed by many different types of clients. Whether it’s a retiree needing financial advice on the latest hedge fund venture or developing strategies that will help retirees meet and exceed their financial goals, Sam knows it takes a variety of talents to make this happen. Whether he is meeting with executives in Hong Kong or with Fortune 500 executives on Wall Street, Sam is always aware that a new style of leadership will be the key to success. As he continues on his quest to conquer one challenge after another, Sam is committed to ensuring his clients are able to exceed their financial goals.  As the new COO of FullCycle Fund, Sam Tabar is certainly poised to be on top for some time.  Contact information is available on Thumbtack.

Visual Search Engine Connecting the Physical World with the Digital World

Visual Search Engine is a search engine used to find information on the World Wide Web through the input of an image or visual display. It is a type of search that is mainly used to search using the mobile internet to search an unknown search query through a picture. Information sought could include locations, web pages, other images, and other types of documents.

Most contents explored using this technology are places and buildings in a foreign city. Image search is designed to find a picture and the search criterion includes metadata, color, shape, or distribution.

The concept of visual search recognition helps people who rely more and more on mobile devices to carry on their daily lives. Whether it is researching a product, social media communication, business, or pleasure, mobile devices are becoming constant companions.

Real-time information is growing, and the line between the physical world and the digital world is more blurred than ever. At the forefront of this technology is the Mobile Visual Search technology.

The way this technology works is that users can snap a picture of a poster such as a famous Hollywood movie and instantly get results from the search engine on movie trailers, tweets from the film’s actors, and behind the scenes videos.

The technology is also offering new partnerships involving product placement where users view a product, snap it, and purchase it online via the mobile device.

The technology is meant to serve as an image recognition to benefit the media companies and other businesses too. The retailers use the mobile visual search technology as a way to achieve what they see and what they shop.

The success of this scenario can only work using the 3-D capacity of mobile visual search instead of merely relying on printing. Amazon has already incorporated this technology to let people take pictures of objects including its product listings from Amazon store.

One of the companies pursuing this technology with commitment is Slyce., a prominent news portal and social network for investors described Slyce visual search technology as one that surpasses a science fiction movie.

The company is in the advanced stages to prepare the technology for enrollment in the mass market. The company has received recognition for its leadership in visual search technology industry. In fact, the company has already made landmark partnership with major brands to develop visual search technologies for them.

Determinant of Whether Coworking Space Suits Your Business

Workville has been a game changer when it comes to owning an office space. They have brought in a brilliant idea of Coworking Space ( In this set up, entrepreneurs and business persons get to share an office space. This method has various advantages but it may not be suitable for all kinds of business.

Workville has made the concept of sharing office space very lucrative. They provide a range of services that include office spaces of different designs, provision of reliable Wi-Fi, mail services, maintenance and cleaning services and a supply of fresh quality coffee. They provide essential equipments and supplies that are basic to any office building. These includes; office furniture, phones and printers. Moreover, they combine luxury with functionality.

Suitability of Sharing Office Space

There are two types of space that a business owner can choose from. They can opt for the traditional office or a co-working space.

Coworking space

This method has the advantage of putting like-minded persons in the same space. They can share great ideas. Moreover, it creates a positive competitive environment among professionals. One business can benefit from another enterprise renting the same space. Some businesses have reported an increased productivity among their workers when they tried Coworking spaces. This environment is the best for finding business partners, contractors and even customers.

Renting this space allows for flexibility that traditional offices lack. They allow a person to rent a space for a time which is convenient to them, unlike commercial buildings which have a fixed duration of about 2-3 years. Renting a commercial space may force one to rent a place that suits their current staff and projects without any allowance for future expansion. Businesses that are growing need flexibility because they need to expand their staff with time. Shared spaces only need a month or even a less period of lease.

Traditional Office

Coworking spaces are suitable for a company with approximately 10 workers. It is recommended that a bigger, more established business have a dedicated office space. Having your own furniture and other essential office supplies is expensive at first but it becomes cheaper in the long run. It saves the cost of renting supplies.

An owned space is essential for team building and proper coordination. It is easier to maintain a unique culture among the employees within your space. This set up enables the business owner to have full control of the environment. They can schedule their activities without fear of making noise or inconveniencing other staffs.



Sanjay Shah’s Road Map For Success

Much has been written about many financial experts who have dropped out of their mainstream education and choosing investment arena or entrepreneurial work. Sanjay Shah is one of those people who has always wanted to win, who love the power that comes with running successful companies and who has always dreamed about finding the purpose of live. This information is for those individuals who want to make the next strategic move when it comes to investment or who simply want to know some of the things that Sanjay Shah did that made him climb to the highest corporate level, so they can evaluate their desire and professional skills to make it.

Sanjay Shah studied medicine during his college days but his interests were always inclined towards management and business. He has the perfect combination of abilities, behaviors and intelligence to lead a firm that would guarantee his advancement to the top executive tier. After earning degrees in business administration and working for many major financial companies, he started his own firm in investment banking. He went on to become the owner of more than a dozen companies including Solo Capital and a non-profit organization called autism rocks that serves the needs and treatment requirements of children suffering from autism as well as other neuro-development disorders. What his advice to many of his clients will do is point out their strengths and use insights to plan their ideal career at the level they are right now.

Sanjay Shah says he has had wonderful experience throughout his ventures and career, from start to finish, and he had only the highest trust for his business employees. Their insights, dedication, and sincere commitments to the advancement of his businesses in various financial sectors have made the creation of the legacy a joy. He is also grateful to all the generous contributors to his organization Autism Rocks and the continuous support of many celebrities to children’s care and treatment in hospitals, clinics and in-home centers. His family has always provided constant love and support while playing a vital role in his establishments and success.

Dog’s Skin Health Starts From the Inside

Living in the city brings many odors, bugs, and allergens that are simply out of our control. When my four-pawed best friend developed a rash on his skin, I quickly asked from help from my twitter friends and I assumed it must be from our walks. I changed out his shampoos to skin sensitive options hoping it would clear up. After I tried every dog shampoo available on Amazon, we took a long trip out to the country to clear up both of his systems and minds.
When his skin didn’t clear up, we went to the veterinarian and found out he has a sensitive gastrointestinal tract that was showing externally on his skin. Make sure to ask your veterinarian for their advice. They know your dog personally and have their well-being at heart. The best choices will be the ones part of a long-term health care plan that includes exercise and a mixture of meals and the all mighty treat. Below is what we worked for us.

Ways to Promote Skin Health:
DCO Dual Fiber Control: Canine Formula
Helps control the sharp sugar spikes and falls that lead to skin irritation by including a mix of fibers and complex carbohydrates. Slowing down the consumption of sugar helps promote a steady metabolism and overall general health.

Purina’s Pro Plan Veterinary Diets: Gentle Snackers
Sensitive skin and gastrointestinal tracts are no reason to withhold the snacks. Would you condemn yourself to live without them? Of course not. Your dog may not be able to have his version of Doritos, but he can still have his hummus. Gentle Snackers are still delicious and will still be helpful in your time of need when there needs to be a “carrot on a stick”.

EN Gastroenteric Naturals’ Canine Formulas
Available in wet and dry, the  Beneful dog food is optimally balanced with low carbohydrates and high protein to keep your pup healthy and trim. Strip out corn and wheat to test if your dog is having adverse reactions. A grain allergy is a common cause of sensitive skin.

Purina’s Pro Plan Veterinary Diets: Fortiflora Canine Formula
Just like us, sometimes dogs need an extra boost that is not available in foods. Consider adding the probiotic supplement to balance the intestines by introducing a safe bacteria strain that will help the organ function more effectively.
Good thing knows exactly what to do.

Learn more about Beneful

Andy Wirth Survived a Frightening Sky Diving Accident

Most people think of skydiving as dangerous because of the distance divers go from the airplane to the ground. They depend on their parachutes to slow them down so they don’t die on impact. Therefore, the main worry is the parachute.

However, in 2013, Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, discovered that landing on clear ground is also important. While diving with friends, he hand to land in a vineyard instead of open ground. While manuevering, a steel pole holding up grape vines ripped off Wirth’s arm.

Thanks to prior experience handling traumatic injuries when he was a ranger, Wirth knew what to do. Andy Wirth used his fist to close his brachial artery shut to reduce the loss of blood. Then he did his best to relax, just breathing to reduce the sympoms of shock. Fortunately for him, he was found in fifteen minutes, put in an ambulance and then a helicopter to fly him to a hospital, where he spent three months.

The surgeons put his arm back on, but that was just the beginning of his journey to heal. He had to slowly get back to running, to relearn how to swim and ride a bike before he could return to competing in triathlons. He met a team of Navy Seals doing winter combat training in Olympic Valley, and they inspired him.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is one of the largest and the most iconic ski resort in Olympic Valley California according to a Facebook page. It hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics. It’s located west of Lake Tahoe. Andy Wirth’s company owns both Squaw Valley Ski Resort and the nearby Alpine Meadows resort –

KCRW reported that Prior to Andy Wirth skydiving accident, he was an experienced athlete who has entered triathlons. The Wall Street Journal even published an article about his training and workouts. In 2014 Disabled Sports USA called him the Citizen of the Year.

George Soros Explains Current Market Situation

George Soros spoke at an economic forum in Sri Lanka’s capital regarding his perspective on China’s current policy of devaluing its currency. Bloomberg reports that Soros is raising a warning flag to the world that this policy is very problematic and could signal a global economic crisis similar to what the world experienced in 2008. According to Soros, investors should be very cautious for the time being as China struggles to reinvent its economic footprint on in the global economy. Soros explained that China is now shifting from a manufacturing economy to one based on services and consumption, which is a major shift in the global manufacturing paradigm. Given that China is the second largest economy in the world, George Soros warns that its government’s challenges in cutting interest rates and trying to stabilize its currency could spell disaster for the global economy overall. In addition, Soros advised that, from his bird’s eye view of the global financial markets, he is seeing similar trends to that of the disaster of 2008 and thinks that investors should brace themselves for a total market nosedive. George Soros has also previously issued warnings about the European debt problem, in wake of the economic turmoil going on in Greece.

Soros is widely consulted for his advice and perspective on global market trends. Soros has experienced incredible success on at the helm of his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. In fact, according to the rankings by Bloomberg Billionaires, Soros is now considered one of the thirty richest individuals in the world. Soros’ breakout success in finance and investing was tied to his ability to understand the currency market in England in 1992, when he took the chance on the short sale of $10 billion worth of pounds. Because of his personal financial success based, in part, on his ability to read overall market trends, Soros is regarded as a highly credible source on the direction of the global economy and long term investment advice.

Although George Soros is probably most recognized by his astounding financial worth, he has also become known as a famous philanthropist. Through his work with the Open Society Foundations, Soros has consistently supported liberal and progressive causes around the world. Even as far back as the 1970s, Soros helped fund Black students’ education in apartheid South Africa. Since then, he has used his financial success and international platform to advocate strongly for human rights, freedom of speech, human development and economic growth in the areas of the world where it is needed most. He speaks openly about supporting immigrant rights and solving the refugee crisis currently plaguing Europe. Soros is also an accomplished writer and has published over a dozen books on a wide range of topics, including financial and investment strategies, world politics, social issues and economic analysis. He also writes frequently in a variety of other print publications on a broad spectrum of current topics.

Venezuela’s Economic Woes Worsen

According to an op-ed published in World Socialist Website and reported by the David Osio page, the Venezuela government has seen their revenue fall by 45 percent. The reason for this sharp decline is the drop in OPEC basket oil prices from $100 per barrel in June 2014 to $30 per barrel. This is about $5 per barrel less than many OPEC countries receive because Venezuela oil requires special blending that other oil does not require.

Oil makes up about 95 percent of the exports from the country. In turn, the country spends this money to import goods into the country including food and medicine. Even simple items like condoms remain unavailable in many areas. When they are found, prices have risen so dramatically that most people cannot afford to buy them. About 85 percent of the country’s first aid stations have closed down because they cannot get the medicine they need to operate. While the border with Columbia is officially closed, many Venezuelans are attempting to sneak across the border for medical care.

Inflation in the country is shooting up at alarming rates. The Venezuela government says that inflation rose 140 percent during 2015 while the International Monetary Fund says that the real number is closer to 200 percent. The country’s economy has shrunk by 10 percent making it the country with the most economic contractions.


Fabletics Goes to the Beach

Elite Daily reported that actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson’s fitness brand, Fabletics, will launch a new swim collection April 12. Fabletics will also launch a line of dresses to go with the swim attire. The swimsuits derive inspiration from tribal designs, the tropics, and nautical influences, and range in size from XXS-XXL. The swimsuits, made of recycled fabric, have UV protection and start at under $40.

Hudson founded Fabletics in 2013 with JustFab co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The trio designed Fabletics as an affordable, high-quality alternative to athletic brands such as Lululemon and Nike, though Fabletics operates differently from these clothing giants.

Fabletics customers can subscribe to a clothes-buying membership, whereby one can purchase her first outfit for $25. After that, Fabletics would bill her credit card less than $50 every month for whatever outfit she chooses. Customers can also opt to skip any particular month, if they don’t wish to purchase anything.

In 2014, Fabletics expanded to the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada. The following year, the company began shipping to Australia, launched a men’s clothing line called FL2, and expanded further to Spain and the Netherlands. In September and October of last year, Fabletics opened six physical retail stores in the United States. The company also has a kids’ line called Just Fab. (Source:

Summer is my favorite season,” says Hudson of her new line, “so it was exciting to create our new dress and swim collections. Our design team also worked hard to perfect the swim styles. They’re sexy and stylish, but comfortable to wear, and we have styles for every body type. Their must-read Wikipedia entry designs breathable clothes that inspire an active life, whether it means competing in a triathlon or chasing after little kids.

See Fabletics new swimwear line and become a member at the company’s website,

Martin Lustgarten Understands Corporate Financial Transactions

The professional life of an investment banker can be exciting, challenging, and stressful. In the banking industry, the investment banker is held in high esteem. The success or failure of an investment bank sometimes hinges on the skills and talents of investment bankers. The responsibilities of investment bankers are numerous. However, the primary responsibilities for many investment bankers concern corporate financial transactions, attracting corporate clients, acquiring corporate clients, and maintaining corporate clients.


The reason why corporate clients are such a focal point in the responsibilities of investment bankers is because investment banking is structured and designed in a manner that makes investment banking user friendly for corporations. The structure of investment banking has three areas. All three areas to some degree are designed to work well with corporations in relation to corporate financial transactions and corporate business dealings.


A large majority of corporate financial transactions concern financial transactions that involve mergers, acquisitions, or similar corporate financial activities. Investment banking has a specific area that is focused on financial transactions that are centered on mergers and acquisitions. This area is highly popular in the corporate world. Both small and large corporations utilize investment banks because investment banks understand the various components that comprise the financial transactions that are a major part of the corporate business world.


Investment bankers understand the role that investment banks play in the financial transactions concerning corporate mergers and acquisitions. Many of these financial transactions are very complex and involve large sums of money. Therefore, the knowledge and skill that investment bankers have is very important in relation to completing these financial transactions.


One of the investment bankers who is making a difference in the investment banking segment is Martin Lustgarten. He is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment banking firm. Martin Lustgarten started his firm Lustgarten Martin based on his experience as an investment banker. He utilizes his investment banker experience to cultivate an investment banking firm that is respected in the banking industry.


Martin Lustgarten investment banking firm has a blend of small and large corporate clients that seek his assistance concerning a variety of corporate financial needs. Martin Lustgarten provides investment services regarding mergers, acquisitions, and related corporate business dealings. In addition, he helps his clients with other corporate financial business activities. Follow them on Twitter for more information.