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Why Fox News Interview With Thor Halvorssen Should Infuriate You

Socialism is a violation of basic human rights. The Fox News anchor says this twice in its most recent interview with Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. This is a patently false statement that Thor Halvorssen tries to fix through the whole interview, but it should infuriate you.

A socialist program is anything that is funded by the government with your tax money. There are examples all around you that help you in every day life. Every morning, when you go to the mailbox, your benefiting from the post office, a socialist program. The air that you breathe and the freedom that you enjoy is because of a strong and mighty military, another socialist program. To say that socialism violates basic human rights is to attack on police officers, firefighters, postal workers, and the military. It would be easy to be infuriated at this interview, but it’s such a delight to see it all go wrong for them.

Fox News was trying to tarnish Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful has described himself as a democratic socialist, something Fox News was trying to attack, but they picked the wrong interviewee. Thor Halvorssen is a world-famous human rights activist whose goal is to take down every authoritarian dictator on the planet. His Human Rights Foundation targets these dictators and works to help the victims of their crimes. If there’s one thing that Thor Halvorssen(  knows, it’s human rights violations.

That’s why it was so fun to hear the Fox News anchor ask him why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Let’s qualify that, he says, and then he goes on to explain that socialism has nothing to do with human rights violations. Unchecked authoritarian power leads to human rights violations. When socialist governments, like the ones found in Venezuelan countries, have separation of powers and checks and balances, they are perfectly fine. But the Fox News anchor keeps trying to tear down Bernie Sanders through Thor Halvorssen, and it doesn’t work. With great irony, he expresses his support for Bernie Sanders, turning the interview into a weapon against right-wing attacks of the Vermont Senator.

The Bronx is Up and the Battery’s Down

As reported by Real Estate Weekly, Real Estate giant RE/MAX has just announced that it has bought back the Master Franchise for New York state, part of RE/MAX’s national plan in which the company has bought back 16 regional offices from franchise owners. Company Founder Dave Liniger has recruited company veteran Terri Bohannon to lead an innovative marketing and branding campaign to help the New York operation grow: He wants to expand RE/MAX’s operation across New York City apartments for sale.

RE/MAX, which Liniger started in Denver, CO, in the 1970s, now has over 100,000 agents in offices across the U.S. and 100 countries world-wide. Liniger has high hopes that RE/MAX, which has had a Manhattan office for quite some time, will achieve success in breaking through this highly competitive market.

Those in the running over the past five years have included Keller Williams New York, the New York City master franchise of the Texas-based brokerage giant; Rutenberg Realty; BOND New York, and TOWN Residential. TOWN, founded by Andrew Heiberger in 2010, has cornered the market for luxury residential properties. The company specializes in residential sales and leasing; the marketing, sales and leasing of property developments; and commercial and retail sales.

TOWN Residential has received awards in the residential real estate community as the Best Firm to Work For and as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City, due to its knowledgeable and experienced team. The real estate firm also has properties in Miami.

29-year-old Stefani Markowitz has helped Rutenberg Realty, now the sixth-largest company in New York, grow from 489 to 620 agents. Jordan Sachs and Todd Jacobs started BOND in 2010, when in their mid-20s. It now has over 80 employees, and leases from New York’s fabulous Moinian’s SKY on the far west side.

Brad Reifler Partners With Easter Seals Dixon Center

Forefront Capital Advisors’ CEO, Brad Reifler, has formed a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon in an effort to provide charitable support to military veterans and their families as their service abroad ends and their domestic life begins again, giving them help needed to establish their lives in a time when normalcy is needed most.

Reifler’s support to Easter Seals comes in the form of $3 million extended to them through Forefront Capital Advisors. The funds will be used to help soldiers retrain for new jobs, find employment, refine their education, and get reliable access to health care and advocacy for veterans’ issues.

Eastern Seals has been involved in philanthropy and outreach on the behalf of veterans for years. Working locally with communities, they’ve been able to provide veterans with options to better their lives when trying to reestablish a stable life when coming home from service abroad.

Reifler’s decision to partner with Easter Seal had a lot do with the number of people they’ve been able to assist each year, including their commitment to helping veterans get a hold of their financial future. And while charity is the focus for Reifler, Forefront Capital also sees this as an opportunity to help men and women of character contribute to their economies in meaningful ways for the betterment of all those living around them.

Col. David W. Sutherland (Ret.), Chairman of the Easter Seals Dixon Center, was the once to announce the partnership with Reifler to the public, making it known that the financial backing from private individuals and organizations make up for their lack of funding. For this reason, despite their donation being substantial, Forefront Capital anticipates their relationship to endure, helping this essential cause reach the prominence it deserves.

Brad Reifler, Founder and Corporate Executive Officer of Forefront Capital, has spent years working in financial services, making use of the business world’s best talents across the world, attracting influential clients. Having prized clients and adept partners, Forefront Capital has established enduring partnerships that benefit all parties involved, surpassing the offerings of other financial firms. What makes this possible is Reifler’s knowledge on value of investment practices and the experience that allows his firm to counsel on finance, taking into consideration the interests of each party involved, making these partnerships personal and profitable.

Though finance through high-end investors is the focus of the firm, Forefront Capital Advisors has investment opportunities in niche markets that allow traditional and middle-class investors access public and private markets. This investment structure allows them to offer management products and advice that leads to high yields for investors and limiting unnecessary risk that can occur when investing. Always willing to engage with the public, Reifler is active on social media, musing on goings on in the financial world.

Talk Fusion And Its Amazing Opportunity

About Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion is a video communications company that offers CONNECT, which is the company’s video technology platform. The platform features video email, video chat, live meetings and video newsletters. Business and people in general can benefit from the products Talk Fusion sells, as it allows them to connect to clients and send newsletters out to their customers and they can use the platform to speak and see clients via webcam.

Talk Fusion’s Opportunity
The company is not just known for providing an amazing platform, but they offer an opportunity to people who want to make money. Talk Fusion brings aboard independent associates in more than 140 companies, and the associates promote and share Talk Fusion’s products. Independent associates enjoy being their own boss, instant payments and they do not need sales experience. Associates are also provided with full-training, and they get to promote an innovative product that is useful. The company offers a very generous compensation plan.

The CEO Of Talk Fusion
Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion, and he is known for his talent and for being a successful businessman. He is also known for recognizing emerging trends, as well as empowering people to follow and live their dreams.

Reina has more than 20 years of relationship marketing experience and he has made many charitable donations and civic contributions. Not only that, but the CEO is also known for being a champion of animal causes and people in his community look up to him.

George Soros Offers Support To Ohio Governor John Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has volitionally remained in the race to become America’s next president, has received $488,375 as a financial token to boost his campaign. The NY Books recently published an article which they posted on their website pointing out that the money came from Soros fund managers Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller. This was according to some records that were provided to The Political Insider from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Both Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller work for George Soros, an American investor, and philanthropist and also the chairman of the Soros Fund Management. This is not the first time that George Soros is Donating money to a politician. He has donated plenty of cash to Congressional Democrats, and just recently he donated $8 million towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
George Soros is on a quest to extend his fight on opposing tighter border security in the United States. He was recently quoted on that front saying that all Americans need to reaffirm their commitment to the principles of an open society and that they must resist the “siren songs” of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz even if it is going to be a hard thing to accomplish. hedge fund expert George Soros has earned many people’s ears and trust when it comes to politics. This can be attributed to the fact that many people see him as a source of inspiration. He has worked extremely hard to become who he is and to be exactly where he is. This has earned him a seat at the table of the most influential people in the world. George’s life story begins in 1930 in Hungary where he was born. When he was 13 years old, he experienced firsthand the Nazi occupation of his home and country. Since he was Jewish, he was barred from attending school as many other Jewish children had. When George saw an opportunity to escape during Battle of Budapest that occurred in 1945, he took it. He went to the United Kingdom and joined the London School of Economics in the year 1947 and graduated four years later. After completing his bachelor’s degree program, he got a job with an investment bank as he continued to pursue further education. After he had acquired his Ph.D., George moved to the United States of America which was then referred by many as the land where dreams come true. And indeed, George’s dreams did come true. After working for a number of companies, he quit his job and started his own business, Soros Fund Management. Today, the company stands tall among some of the biggest Hedge Fund Companies in the World.

George is not only a renowned business mogul. He is also a well-known philanthropist and political activist. He is the founder of the Open Society Foundation, a non-profit that helps fight for people’s rights. It is through this foundation that George was able to weaken communism in the Eastern Bloc as well as support cultural exchange with the West. He was also able to rally support for the establishment of independent bodies such as the European Council on Foreign Relations, The International Crisis Group as well as the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

How To Handle Customer Complaints – Tips From White Shark Media


If you run a digital marketing agency you will at some point have to deal with customer complaints. Thats just the nature of the business.

If you’re smart you will use those complaints to move your agency in the right direction. That’s exactly what White Shark Media has done.

Over the last few years White Shark Media, now one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the nation, has had to deal with several complaints.

Instead of allowing their ego to get in the way, they decided to take those complaints seriously and use them to improve their overall business.

Below we will share a few of the complaints White Shark Media has received as well as how they have handled them. The hope is you can use this information and avoid some of the mistakes White Shark Media has made in the past.

#1 – Improve Reporting Procedures

One complaint White Shark Media heard quite a bit was how difficult it was for clients to keep in touch with their AdWords campaigns. This particular complaint hit close to home as it showed just how inadequate their reporting system was.

This was very frustrating for clients as they were unable to easily reveiw reports.

To address this issue White Shark Media ensures every new client has a clear understanding of how their campaign works.

By knowing how a campaign works before it starts clients are more likely to know where to go to check performance.

#2 – Make Sure Communication Is Top Notch

This is Probably the most important lesson agencies can learn from White Shark Media. One Complain  White Shark Media kept running into is clients feeling as though communication was not good enough.

As a digital marketing agency, effectively communicating with your clients is paramount. Without it your agency won’t survive.

One way White Shark Media addressed this complaints is by offering clients monthly status calls. Each month the client will meet with their SEM strategist via GoToMeeting.

During the meeting the client and strategist will discuss results from the previous 30 days. The client will be able to see exactly what’s going on with their AdWords account and ask any questions they may have.

Another way they addressed poor communication is by implementing a new phone system with extensions.

This made it possible for clients to contact their strategist directly versus having to go through a receptionist which was also an issue for many clients.

George Soros Predicts That This Year Will Echo 2008

Many are feeling concerned about a prediction that George Soros recently made on Bloomberg. While speaking at an economic forum in the capital of Sri Lanka, he mentioned that the devaluation of China’s currency is hurting the rest of the world. He says that the crisis in the global market mirrors that which took place in 2008. He warns investors to be cautious.

George Soros started his career in the 1950s while living in New York City. During the 1960s, he set up a hedge fund firm that has been extremely successful. In fact, it has gained about 20 percent annually since the time it opened. Many individuals view George Soros as a well respected investor and take his opinions seriously. They have seen that other predictions he has made have come true. For example, in the early 1990s, he predicted that the United Kingdom would have to devalue the pound. Not only did this proved to be true, but George Soros walked away pocketing about $1 billion because of it. His investing prowess has earned him much respect.

One of the problems that George Soros points out is that the country of China is having a difficult time finding a new growth model. The fact that their currency is going down in value is affecting the economy of the rest of the world. He pointed out in his speech that returning to positive interest rates is a challenge for any country, but it is especially challenging in the developing world. One of the reasons why he feels that China’s economy is weakening is because it has shifted from investment and manufacturing toward services and consumption.

There are a couple of different steps that the government of China and other institutions in China are taking to remedy the problem. For example, the People’s Bank of China has cut interest rates for those who wish to borrow money. This will boost the economy. Also, China’s Communist Party has made plans to increase the convertibility of their currency in the next four years.

This is not the only time that George Soros has said that a financial crisis mirrored that which took place in 2008. During the fall of 2011, George Soros said that the situation that was taking place in Greece was even worse than what happened to the world’s economy in 2008.

George Soros has worked hard to do good for others. Ever since the time he started his career, he has felt that it was his responsibility to take a stand on controversial issues and do good for others. One of the ways that he has done this is by promoting the idea of open society, which means all have their rights respected.

Thor Halvorssen Upsets Fox News With Truth About Socialism

When Fox Television’s Trish Regan interviewed Thor Halvorssen on her Intelligence Report news program, she announced that he would describe for her viewers the evils of Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda. Ms. Regan mentioned the US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as being socialist. When she asked him to explain why he believes socialism is a violation of basic human rights, he quickly corrected her by qualifying what the term socialism actually means. He expertly and concisely explained the difference between totalitarian and dictator run governments that claim to be “democratic socialists” and actually responsible democratic socialist governments, as he believe Bernie Sanders supports.

When Thor surprised her by saying he supported Bernie Sanders, she attempted to change the subject and tried to cut the interview short. Undaunted, Thor Halvorssen described a responsible, correctly run democratic socialist government as having similar separation of powers as is done in the government in the USA, and listed Denmark, Sweden, and Norway as three of many many governments that are clearly responsible democratic socialist. Ms. Regan then mentioned that she had heard Thor had personal experience with the wrong kind of socialist government. He then agreed and proceeded to briefly describe how his own father had been jailed and tortured as a political prisoner by the Venezuelan government, which he described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a abusive dictatorship that had also shot his mother and still has one of his first cousins in prison.

Ms. Regan explained that these negative consequences of a socialist government had led to Mr. Halvorssen creating the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). His HRF fights for basic rights in every government that does not support those freedoms. It also works to raise everyone’s awareness of which governments are oppressing their citizens and denying basic human rights. Thor Halvorssen, who is also a documentary film maker, reiterated that he thinks Bernie Sanders has the right kind of democratic socialism. Ms. Regan then quickly ended the interview, clearly unhappy with Thor making any positive comments about Bernie Sanders or socialism.

OrganoGold: Making Your Morning Beverage Much Healthier

Studies have already proven that drinking coffee has amazing health benefits. But many people also tend to drink tea because of its proven health benefits also. But imagine a brand of coffee and tea that has been infused with the 4200-year old Chinese herb name Ganoderma Lucidem. In the article, “Change your coffee…change your life!” by, the author talks about a revolutionary line of coffee and teas that are infused with that ancient Chinese herb that has amazing health benefits. In the article, Dr. Bob Rowkaski, a leading nutritionist says, “It’s easy to see why the Chinese labelled Ganoderma ‘the King of Herbs’. It alkalises the body, increases oxygen delivery, facilitates detoxification, controls inflammation and enhances immune function. If you consider those five major factors, there’s really no-one walking around who can’t benefit from it in some way.”

So who is the man behind this innovative invention? Founder and owner of Orango Gold, Bernardo T. Chua began his journey in the Philippines where he grew up and personally learned about the health benefits of Ganoderma. He eventually started working as an executive for the company Gano Excel. After three years, he expanded the company to Hong Kong, Canada and to the United States. And while still working as a successful businessman, in 2008, CrunchBase indicates Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold with its headquarters located in Vancover, British Columbia. The company operates currently in 47 countries and his notably one of the most diverse worldwide companies.

Mr. Chua and his distributors have worked very hard throughout the years to push Organo Gold into the spotlight using innovative advertising and promotional techniques to get the world to notice his company and the products it produces. And it seems to be working because in 2015 Mr. Chua and two members of this team received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award and his company, Organo Gold was honored with two People’s Choice Awards.  Bernardo Chua can be found on Facebook for more about his OrganoGold coffee brand.

Marco Rubio Given Important Backing By Dick DeVos And Family

The Republican Presidential race has become increasingly difficult to predict in recent weeks, but the backing of Marco Rubio by the DeVos family could swing the election in his favor. The Detroit News reports Dick DeVos has given Rubio his endorsement after the two men became allies during a 2006 vote on education reform in Florida, which also saw the DeVos family grow closer to Jeb Bush who attracted their backing before he dropped out of the 2016 Presidential race. The endorsement of Rubio by the DeVos family will increase the pressure on his rivals to leave the race and allow the Florida based politician to confront controversial front runner Donald Trump in a head-to-head race.

Dick DeVos has had a major effect on education and philanthropy over the course of the 21st century when he switched his focus from making a success of the AmWay group his family own to philanthropic efforts (Learn more about Dick’s success at AmWay here: The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has supplied a large amount of funding for many charitable groups, ranging from education reform to the arts. One of the major groups supported by Dick DeVos is the Kennedy Center for the Arts, which he has donated funds to over a number of years to assist with construction and educational programs, according to his profile on the New Netherland Institute.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Marco Rubio has now been given the full backing of the DeVos family as the Presidential race continues to rumble along with an ever decreasing field. They have given millions in donations to political candidates and causes which was famously alluded to in an episode of House of Cards which he comments on in this MLIVE feature article. Donald Trump remains at the head of the Republican race after completing a number of victories following his loss to Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses; Marco Rubio is now seen as the establishment candidate for the Presidency, with fellow candidates John Kasich and Ben Carson being called on to leave the race. The endorsement of Dick DeVos comes ahead of the March primary to be held in Michigan, the home state of the DeVos family where they maintain a large level of influence with the public.