The New Profession Entering the Corporate World

The role of compliance officer has not been around as long as you may think. Some people may not have even heard of a compliance officer nor do they know what it is they do. A compliance officer’s job is to create a compliance program that prevents, finds and fix’s ethical and regulatory problems. With modern skills and tools, they can find problems and fix them. They use audits and risk assessments frequently in their job. In heavily regulated industries such as banking and gaming, careers in compliance are fast growing and seem to have the best opportunity for advancement.

Recently, the Mississippi Business Journal wrote an article explaining the roles and career opportunities of this fast growing profession. Compliance officers must be multinational. When doing business with foreign lands, a company must know and follow the rules and regulations of both countries. The hiring of a compliance officer can cut employee cost of the company because a compliance officer settles the need for more auditors and risk assessors. A compliance officer must be able to influence a company’s leadership and one compliance officer has done just that.

Helane Morrison is the compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners,LLC. Since 2007 she has been the lead compliance officer of a company that is managing $29 billion. She is no stranger to rules and law. She practiced law prior to joining the firm in 2007. For ten years she practiced law and was elevated to position of partner in 1991. Her expertise in business litigation and experience in conducting corporate investigations made her perfect for the job.

Helane worked for the SEC prior to her time at Hall Capital. Here she did litigation for the Securities and Exchange Commission, San Francisco office and was the first female to be appointed to the title of regional director here. Her career is studded with big titles, but her main is objective is gender equality in the workplace.

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