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The vast line of products by Beneful Dog Food

Beneful stands out as a recognized brand of dog food by the Nestle Purina Petcare. By revenue, Beneful has been the most significant of the Nestle Purina’s generating an up to $1.5 billion revenue annually. Beneful brand of dog food was introduced in the Purina Store market way back in 2001. To advertise it broadly to the market, there was a great investment on beneful television advertising campaign. This was meant to improve the company’s revenue of which it achieved immensely with $300 million worth of revenue after some years. There is a vast line of products produced by the beneful dog food brand. These include wet foods, dry dog food, dog treats and various snacks that are equally essential to the dog’s diet. To reduce on the high dependability on meat as the only source of proteins, the company introduced Beneful Healthy Harvest Product line to act as an alternative as far as proteins provision is concerned. This was introduced in June 2005 and this has served as a prime dry dog food since then. Later on in March 2006, Beneful introduced on Twitter the prepared dog meals. This was introduced in eight different flavors in cans that would later serve as the dog’s bowl. The company made sure to keep these particular products original enough by introducing containers that couldn’t and cannot be re-used for packaging purposes. The company invested $36 million targeted to upgrade facilities in St Joseph, Missouri to maximize wet food production in return. Snacks and dog treats were later on introduced as part of the Beneful food products. These would also serve as a contributing factor to the much needed nutrients in the dog’s diet. These include healthy smile dental ridges and healthy smile dental twists beneful dog foods. Beneful dog food has hence been recognized as a healthy, safe and highly nutritious dog food. Through veterinarian tests, the foods quality and safety has been highly assured to the pet owners.

FreedomPop Offers Consumers Huge Black Friday Savings

Black Friday sales offer consumers some of the best prices of the holiday shopping season. Shoppers realize significant savings on everything from furniture, clothing, to expensive electronics. This includes select mobile phones, and offers a jump start to holiday shopping. In store and online shoppers take advantage of huge savings during the Black Friday sales, often extending from November 27 to the first week of December.

MVNO FreedomPop, launched in 2012, is one of the companies offering consumers huge Black Friday savings. Their impressive deal offers the opportunity to purchase a Motorola E smartphone at $40. This is a $190 discount on the normal price of $230. FreedomPop also offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 at $100, a savings of $350. Both refurbished phones are fully equipped, and include LTE support services. Both are part of the Spint Domestic Network.

When purchasing either phone consumers enjoy 30 days of plan features, such as unlimited text messaging, voice calling, along with 1 gigabyte of data. After one month, consumers enjoy 500 megabytes of data, along with 500 text messages and 500 minutes. This is FreedomPop’s standard free offer.

While offering consumers excellent savings and deals to jumpstart the Christmas season, FreedomPop’s goals do not end there. The company is currently expanding their business model, which includes the Sprint portfolio. Next year FreedomPop anticipates the release of its first Wi-Fi model. They also plan a global expansion, and have already secured funding. Investors currently include Intel Capital, and Axiata Group. Axiata Group is significant since they offer a network of 230 million consumers across Asia. Other investors include Partech Ventures, DCM Capital, and Mangrove Capitol.

FreedomPop’s business model includes the expansion of their current network, and plans to consumers. They plan to offer simple plans and a free mobile service to cell phone users very soon. This means excellent growth potential for the company. Included in their expansion project is their desire to add 1 million consumers by the year’s end, which might explain their massive savings on mobile phones to Black Friday shoppers.

An increase in holiday consumers is also beneficial to FreedomPop’s business strategy. With an increase in consumers the company projects an increase in company value within 12-24 months. They have already experienced a massive expansion. Increasing consumers assists the company in realizing long term goals over the next 1-2 years. This is also important to FreedomPop’s global business model. Once launched, the company will realize even more consumers, sales, and saturation into the global marketplace. All this is good news for consumers seeking deals and savings during the holiday season.

Learning More About Purchasing Property In Brazil

Individuals who are looking to purchase property in Brazil will have the opportunity to work with many well qualified and professional real estate companies. For the most part, real estate companies in Brazil function in almost the exact same way that they function in the United States, Canada, Europe, and in other places. One well-known company that many foreigners have had the opportunity to work with is Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. They work closely with their clients, helping them to find a property that is perfect for them among their many listings.

It is important for foreigners to understand that purchasing property in Brazil will require them to do a little bit of research. The very first thing that individuals should understand is that they need to apply for residency or they need to regularly renew a tourist visa. There are certain qualifications that need to be met in order for a person to stay in Brazil for an extended period of time without exiting. When an individual works with a real estate company, their real estate agent may be able to provide them with some of this information. However, it is best for a person to contact immigration and other agencies so that they have a full understanding of what is required of them.

Some footwork will need to be done before an individual leaves their home country and plans to purchase property in Brazil. For example, a person will need to visit the Brazilian Embassy in their home country in order to obtain a tax identification number. The tax identification number is necessary in order for a person to purchase property, open a bank account, and do other things that are related to buying and owning a property in Brazil.

If a person works with Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, the professionals who help them will be able to get a full understanding of their goal in purchasing property and then find the right property for them. For example, a real estate agent will likely recommend that an investor purchase property along the 45 miles of coastline near Rio de Janeiro, also known as the West Zone. Not only is this area popular with tourists throughout the year who are interested in a beach vacation, but it is especially popular during carnival. If an individual is interested in retiring or they would like to purchase a vacation home, individuals who work with the very experienced Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos will have a property recommended that is right for them.  Follow the Twitter to know even more.