Talkspace: Therapy For The Future

Innovation is constantly moving things forward. It is no different with the world of therapy. Now a new company has come to the fold and it is named Talkspace. Talkspace is an online therapy made for those who want to stay in the comfort of their own homes. It works in conjunction with real therapy in the doctor’s office to give the patient the best chance to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Here is how Talkspace works.

Talkspace is a quick alternative for those who need to talk to a therapist quickly. Talkspace offers different kinds of therapy for couples, vets, and those in the LGBT community. According to an article at, the plans for therapy start at just thirty-two dollars per week depending on the type of therapy that is warranted. The basic plan allows a patient to contact a therapist once per day by computer or an app. The company has more than one thousand professionals willing to help those who want it. Talkspace is in the process of joining Magellan healthcare.

One of the big advantages that Talkspace boasts is that talking to a therapist can be done instantly. It can also help the patient recover more quickly due to the fact that a patient does not have to sit in a physical office and take time out of his or her day to see the therapist. The therapists at Talkspace can help with numerous issues like anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

While there may be caveats to online therapy, Talkspace is making sure that people can get the help that they need when they need it most. Therapy can begin in minutes and that is all it may take in order to save someone’s life. That is why Talkspace is here to help people.

Jeff Yastine of the Total Wealth Insider

Jeff Yastine is an editor with Total Wealth Insider. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as an editorial director with more than 20 years’ experience in financial journalism and stock market investment. He gained his exceptional experiences from the center of financial world events. Jeff Yastine is also an active weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily. He helps investors to understand business monetary and economic trends and further highlight various profit-making opportunities on their column.

From 1994 to 2010, Jeff Yastine worked as a correspondent and news anchor at PBS Nightly Business Report where he got the chance to learn investments secrets and interviewed the most successful entrepreneurs and financiers of the 21st century such as Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and Michael Dell among others. Follow Jeff Yastine at

Among his significant coverage, Jeff helped to caution investors about the unsustainable bubbles of the 2000 and the real estate crisis of the mid-2000s. Additionally, he was instrumental in reporting of major national events including the financial impacts of disastrous Hurricane Katrina, the handing over of the historic Panama Canal and the influence of foreign investors while building manufacturing industries in the Southeastern part of the USA. Not to forget the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil spill crisis.

Jeff Yastine attended the University of Florida where he acquired his B.A degree in Telecommunications (1986). Currently, he stays in Delray Beach in Florida, USA. In his recent post, Jeff discusses the opportunities found in cybersecurity investments. He explores how hackers are taking advantage of the online transaction to steal peoples credit information and subsequently steal all their money. With the recent discovery of vulnerabilities in our computer chipsets that hackers are taking advantage. Jeff Yastine sees a great opportunity in investing in cybersecurity business by providing several statistics to support his claim.

Moreover, he talks about how entrepreneurs are busy experimenting with blockchain technology to make online transaction secure and sustainable. He further encourages the government to protect their citizens against hackers who are becoming an international threat to business. People need to feel safe and secured when transacting online.

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Dr. Clay Siegall Using Start-Up Strategy To Fight Cancer

Some start-ups have grand visions of changing the world. For Dr. Clay Siegall, his company was tackling one of mankind’s greatest challenges – Cancer. It’s a fight that the entrepreneur and researcher battles and with the finest minds in science.

Seattle Genetics CEO Dr. Clay Siegall has led his company from its tiny start-up days to one of the biggest players in the cancer research space. Dr. Siegall’s targeted therapy drugs have found themselves in the pipeline for approval thanks to a partnership with big-name pharma players including Pfizer, Genentech, and Bayer to name a few.

Furthermore, Dr. Clay Siegall wants to do away with systematic chemotherapies and bring more effective and more tolerable cancer treatments to the marketplace. In a recent interview, Dr. Siegall laid out his thoughts on how to improve cancer treatments in the future.

When asked what inspired Dr. Siegall to enter the cancer drug space, the researcher answered that he was interested in blending technology and medicine in order to heal people and treat disease. Siegall’s inspiration to start Seattle Genetics also came from a close family member whom he saw suffer greatly from a brutal treatment regimen.

When asked how he got his first client, Dr. Siegall revealed that he relied on a dedicated sales staff to help him spread Seattle Genetics’ message to the big pharma players. It was a long road, Dr. Siegall said, that was worth the tribulation.

Dr. Siegall finally mentioned that nothing is a substitute for hard work. He pointed out that most people in the cancer research space have the same level of intellect but it is the intensity and consistency of work habits which separated the success stories from the failures.

Dr. Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and is currently the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Dr. Siegall holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Maryland and a Doctorate Degree in Genetics from George Washington University.

The Illustrious Career of Sheldon Lavin

Often, it is difficult to ascribe the success of a corporate institution to a single individual. However, in the case of OSI Group, the CEO, Sheldon Lavin, takes most of the plaudits. He has almost single-handedly brought the company to its current international status through continuous acquisitions and mergers. The latest firms to join the ever-expanding OSI Group include Baho Food and Flagship Europe.

After spending his early career in the banking industry, Sheldon switched to the food processing sector. He ventured into meat processing, giving up the ownership of a consultancy firm in the process. Later on, he took the helm at OSI Group, which was then an up and coming enterprise. Using his excellent business skills, Sheldon has since developed OSI into an international food giant. Currently, the company employs about 20,000 individuals in its sacral outlets across the world. OSI strive to keep the employee turnover as low as possible, a culture that guarantees their prolonged existence.

When Sheldon joined OSI four decades ago, it was a dwindling family business. Nonetheless, the ambitious venture was looking to expand its operations to overseas destinations, a prospect that lured Sheldon to stick around. Sheldon’s impressive nous saw him appointed partner after the retirement of the founder. Eventually, Sheldon rose through the ranks, becoming honcho of the growing food processing firm.

The expansion process piloted in North America, followed by Europe. In the ‘80s, the business opened its first outlets in Taiwan and South America. The Far East, South Africa, and the Philippines were next in line. Presently, OSI is a global force, with branches in 16 countries across the world.


Sheldon’s heart is as big as his contributions towards the prosperity of the OSI Group. His most outstanding charitable acts include donations to the Jewish United Fund and supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Other cases of Sheldon’s altruism involve backing the United Negra College, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago and much more.


The numerous accolades in Sheldon’s cabinet are a testament to his illustrious career. In 2016, OSI group received the coveted Globe of Honor awards from the British Safety Council for their outstanding efforts in conserving and managing environmental health and safety risks. OSI acquires UK’s Flagship Europe

Additionally, the charitable acts of Sheldon have also earned him several awards. His exemplary stewardship of the Sheba Foundation did not go unnoticed, as he took home a Global Visionary award. Sheldon Lavin Continues Global Expansion of OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovations

Stream Energy’s Humanitarian Roles in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Stream Energy is emblematic of modern businesses that are increasingly taking up humanitarian roles, in addition to pursuit of profits. The Dallas-based firm’s role in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey speaks to the firm’s commitment to the well-being of its clients, independent associates, and the affected communities in the metropolitan area of Houston. Get details on Stream Energy at

Stream Energy—a retail electricity, wireless, and home services firm—contributed $25,000 to the American Red Cross, in addition to accepting donations on behalf of the non-profit. Aware that many of its clients had been affected by the disaster, the firm predicted that they would not be in a position to service their utility bills on time. The company, therefore, extended the period that customers are customarily expected to pay their bills. Stream Energy’s gestures went a long way in contributing to healing and rebuilding efforts directed at the affected areas.

The privately held firm was established in 2005, and it currently offers its services in seven states. The rapid growth of Stream Energy can be attributed to its approach to multi-level marketing. The firm uses independent associate to promote its services to new clients. As is the case with many multi-level marketing firms, the company’s independent associates earn bonuses upon successfully bringing a new client to the company. The independent associates, however, benefit from free services and other perks uncommon to many multi-level marketing companies.


Perhaps the most attractive thing about joining Stream Energy’s direct sales community is the fact that no investment commitment is required. The company is unlike many multi-level marketing firms that require new members to purchase merchandise or make other costly investments.

Stream Energy’s services and business model have often received recognition and praise in equal measure. The company has been featured on Direct Selling Association Top 20 and the Direct Selling News Global 100 List. The firm, furthermore, was among the “Fastest Growing Companies in America,” according to the Inc. Magazine 2009 issue. Better Business Bureau rated the firm’s services A+. Learn more about Stream Energy at

Ian King and Sharing Recommendations with the Average Crypto Trader

Crypto currency is a very hot innovative technology that is currently being used in many different financial arenas around the U.S. and other countries today. In fact, based on the information that has been posted online about this technology, the average person is now seeking to be a trader so that they can get their fair share of this digital currency. Before these individuals can get in on the best parts of these digital trading systems, it has become more and more important that everyone understands what they are looking for and when to branch out in the best options that will suit them. Though there is a humongous amount of data being published on different digital currency sites, it is often difficult to identify the best recommendations for this kind of trading so that people can benefit from this new financial systems and platforms.

With this in consideration, the average trader may need to seek out help from reputable resources like Ian King. Ian King is presently viewed as one of the top gurus in this trading industry and he knows what kind of advice to share with both the new traders and those that have been in the game for quite some time. In either case, the Information than Ian King shares can range from talking about the latest crypto currency types such as Bianance Coin, NoLimitCoin, Ark and Bytom and giving advice on which ones that may not be reputable sources. Because each of these crypto platforms have their own share of the market, their performance in the trading can differ greatly. When this occurs, the average trader may need to have someone who is familiar with the market and knows how to interpret what they are seeing and hearing about each. The information that the traders have access to can make the difference between being the next crypto currency millionaire and those that may only be making an insignificant amount in the gains that they are experiencing. So, it is essential that every average trader has the information that they need to increase their gains significantly within the shortest amount of time.

None the less, most people are trying to digest some of the latest new about bitcoin plunging in the late 2017 and how it will apply to trading investment in the near future. Therefore, it is very important that everyone becomes finds an expert that can expound on each type of crypto platform and how they are performing compared to others in this same industry.



How Igor Cornelsen Found Success As An Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian businessman and investor who was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil. He had decided that he wanted to become an engineer so he applied to the only college that taught that profession in the states of both Santa Catarina And Parana, the Federal University of Parana. However, halfway through his education he made made the life changing decision of instead pursuing a career in economics.

After Igor Cornelsen graduated in 1970 he entered the financial industry at an investment bank in the state of Parana. He was pretty successful and before too long he was able to move to Rio de Janiero which offered better jobs in his profession. Just four years after having graduated from college he was named to the board of directors of Multibanco and two years after that he was named as this company’s chief executive officer.

When Multibanco was bought by Bank of America just two years later, Cornelsen decided it was time to move on. He quickly found another executive position at Unibanco which at that time was one of the most successful investment companies in the nation. Seven year later his biggest opportunity arrived when he started working for one of the London Merchant Banks’s Brazilian banks, Libra Bank PLC. Check ireport.cnn to know more about Igor Cornelsen

At Libra Bank, Igor was paid with American dollars. This made a huge difference for him as being paid this way opened up his opportunities to invest his money. He took full advantage of this and started investing in companies he saw as poised for growth. He invested in companies not just in Brazil but also ones in Europe and the United States as well as other nations. After leaving this company he worked for a time for Standard Chartered Merchant Bank before founding his own investment company.

Igor Cornelsen says that he continues to wake up very early in the morning so that he can keep track of what is going on in European stock markets. He says that he does this so that when he spots a company in a troubled country with deteriorating politics he’ll pull his money so that he can invest it in better opportunities elsewhere. Read more:


The Career Life of Ted Bauman


 Ted Bauman is an expert in investment. The finance executive has spent most of his career life trying to help investors to become successful in the unpredictable market. With his help, many investors have been able to get in touch with their investments and at the end of the day lead a great life. The businessman understands the hardships people are facing due to government regulations, and this is why he has focused his career path to helping the people in this department. Bauman was born several years in Washington, and he spent most of his early years in South Africa where he went to school. When he graduated from the Cape Town University, the successful investment strategist decided that he was going to help South Africans in the construction of modern and ideal housing at affordable rates. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Due to his numerous accomplishments in business, Ted Bauman felt that he was needed in his home country, and this is why he relocated to the United States. By the time he was back to the US, Ted Bauman decided to venture into the finance world so that he could ensure that the average investors were earning great profits. The businessman decided to join a company called Banyan Hill Publishing so that he could introduce the kind of changes he needed for the modern investor.

Not long ago, the philanthropist decided that he was going to share some of his success tips with the international customers who look up to him when they need any assistance. According to Ted Bauman, his day always starts early in the morning, and the first thing that he has to do is make sure that the child goes to school. After taking the young girl to school, the finance executive walks into his office so that he can start his daily operations. When he is settled in the office, the businessman is able to concentrate and bring ideas into life. Because he does not have to commute to work, the successful businessman is able to drive to work right after his morning chores. Working early in the morning without any disruption from traffic and employees makes Ted Bauman very successful.

Ted Bauman has very busy days when he is rushing to complete tasks, but he says that he is very passionate about having some quality time with the family. This is why he has managed to build a strong family despite his complicated life. Learn more:


What Makeup Means To Doe Deere

Makeup is an ancient process. For centuries, people around the globe have been using makeup in their lives. They use makeup for many reasons. Some people use makeup to help them feel youthful. Others use makeup to help make their best features look even better. One person who knows the amazing power of makeup is makeup guru Doe Deere. Deere is one of the most successful makeup company owners in the entire field. Her work as a makeup expert has been used as inspiration by many people in life. During her life, she’s shown people how they can use makeup to create something extremely special. As a makeup expert, she always on the lookout for new ways to use such products in her own life.


Her Personal Background


While growing up in Russia, as she reveals in a recent interview, she felt herself drawn to the arts. She also felt that she wanted to leave Russia and move to another place. For her, those two places were New York City and then Los Angeles. Here, she felt free to envision a life for herself. It was here that she began to experiment with varied types of makeup. As makeup caught her eye, she began to think about what she could do with it. She realized that her own playful side was one that could help bring a new view of makeup to the world. It was also here that she began to plan an entirely new venture. Her world quickly opened up and began to expand. She was in love with the very idea of color. It was at this point that she thought about opening up her own company. Lime Crime started to take shape in her head. She wanted to bring that vision that she had inside of her to reality. It was then that became aware that she could not find the kind of makeup she wanted to wear on the shelves of local companies. At this point, Deere found a solution. That solution was to start her own personal makeup company. She knew she could bring something truly special to the table that others could not.


Being Herself


As Lime Crime began, Deere realized that others loved her world. They loved her use of color. She started to realize that she could remake the world of makeup. Makeup quickly became something special in her life. It became a means of tremendous self expression. Makeup allowed her to express her own inner thoughts. It became a way to feel truly free both inside and outside ( Her company saw a lot fan who adored how she used makeup. They took their cues from her fun and playful style. She showed her fans how to use makeup to help them find their own sense of delicious freedom. She opened up new worlds for those who wanted to follow where she was leading. She hopes to continue to showcase her own unique vision of makeup as a form of art.


Jason Hope Views his Donations for Research on Anti-Aging as Satisfying Moments

As someone who looks toward the future for solutions to today’s problems, business entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope, has made it his personal goal to assist research being conducted in the field of anti-aging. More specifically, he has donated over a million dollars to help the SENS foundation counter the effects of aging. The anti-aging research conducted by this organization focuses on reducing or eliminating age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s. The contributions made by Jason Hope are being used to help target specific elements that break down and cause aging over time.

Jason Hope does not take his entrepreneurial investments lightly. He acquired a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and then went on to obtain his MBA from Arizona State’s affiliate business school. In the early years of his career he launched a mobile communications company, which led him to direct his focus on other ventures within the field of technology. In addition to funding the research conducted by the SENS foundation, he also invests in the futures of young people by awarding grants to those who have the most promising ideas.

It was this interest in promising ideas that drew Jason Hope toward the SENS foundation’s research on anti-aging. He has described his passion for this cause as being fueled by the organization’s dedication to finding cures for the medical conditions that lead to the eventual break down of the systems inside the body. As a self-described futurist, he believes the steps taken on the part of the SENS foundation will bring about more permanent changes in the fight against age-related diseases.

As a business investor, Jason Hope views his ventures as challenges or opportunities for growth. He also sees social media as a great marketing tool for making connections with potential customers as well as with new business opportunities. He approaches his business and investment ventures with a positive outlook that allows him to easily move onto the next project if the current one is not heading in the right direction. Jason Hope still views the contributions he has made to the SENS foundation as among his most satisfying moments in business.

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