David McDonald Is a Food Science Wizard

David G. McDonald is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and President of an international meat processing powerhouse that’s known by the name of OSI Group LLC. People often refer to him as “Dave” for short. David G. McDonald‘s been a big part of OSI Group’s success for three decades now. That’s because he joined the firm right after graduating from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa in 1987. Food processing is the name of the game at OSI Group. The company is a massive force in everything from beef to cheese.

McDonald resides in the Chicago, Illinois region. The Midwest has been a major part of his life. He was a college student in Iowa from 1983 to 1987. Although studying animal science was a significant part of his college years, it wasn’t the sole component. McDonald was an extremely involved and active participant on campus. He joined a fraternity that was called Alpha Gamma Rho.

Education makes up McDonald’s professional core. His in-depth animal science knowledge is part of what makes him such a successful and undeniable food processing professional. He’s a seasoned executive who has a solid grasp of ingredients of all types, food service, agribusiness, food processing, food safety, food science and agriculture. He knows a lot about the enormous global food industry as well. McDonald enjoyed an idyllic childhood farming lifestyle that has contributed substantially to his present successes and achievements. McDonald is someone who can talk at length about food-related topics of all varieties. That doesn’t mean, however, that he’s someone who cannot talk about business. He’s actually a business expert of sorts. He has impressive insight that relates to detail-oriented subjects including contract negotiations, strategic planning, new business development, income statements, general management, mergers and sales management.

McDonald is an example of a bona fide leader. He’s a person who is fully aware of the extraordinary power of high-quality customer service. He understands how to satisfy consumers of all kinds. He doesn’t settle for customer service that’s anything less than exceptional. That’s one of the many reasons McDonald has been a major player at OSI Group for so long. He shows up eager and excited to work at OSI Group every morning. When McDonald is not hard at work at OSI Group, he loves being around his family members. He’s a happily married individual who has six incredible kids. He got married in the early nineties.

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Follow Logan Stout’s Advice on Life, Sports, and Business

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur, a renowned author and keynote speaker, philanthropist as well as a business and sports mentor. He is the CEO of IDLife, a network marketing company that supplies nutritional products. The firm is based in Frisco, Texas and was established in 2014. He is also a founder of the Dallas Cowboys.

Logan Stout founded the Dallas Patriots baseball association in 2000. He serves as the CEO. The organization supports select youth teams by facilitating access to leading coaches and mentoring. The players from the group advance to college baseball and even make the MLB draft to go pro. He has played and coached professional baseball including the World Series. He is a passionate youth coach at the organization.

He is the author of the book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams,” published in 2013. The book inspires exceptional leadership that breaks down barriers and enables the reader to achieve their potential. He details his successes creating productive teams in life, sports and business. He has exceptional advice for new investors that enable them to grow their wealth and secure financial freedom. The book is highly recommended by prominent Shark Tank’s entrepreneurs on ABC.

Logan Stout has graced multiple broadcast channels speaking on his accomplishments in sports and business. He appears in various magazines including Philadelphia Life Magazine and The New York Times. As a motivational speaker, he can be found on the podium in diverse events across the country. He publishes inspirational video messages advocating personal development.

He also writes the Stout Advice journal that is published online weekly. It features insightful guidance to empower new athletes and entrepreneurs to grow both professionally and personally. Under his stellar leadership, IDLife has rapidly grown through innovative brand and network marketing strategies. The company enjoys the support of celebrity athletes and fitness ambassadors, motivational speakers and leadership mentors among other experts.

Logan Stout attended Panola College in Texas and went on to graduate from the University of Dallas. Together with his wife Haley, they support the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Collin County chapter. He is also associated with Youth Athletes Foundation as well as the American Heart Association.

Music Was The First Love Of Investor Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has worked for many of the world’s leading financial institutions in an illustrious career taking him to globally recognized brands such as JP Morgan Chase and has recently become known for providing his investment knowledge to millions of everyday people in his home country of Brazil. What is less well known to the majority of people is the dedication to music Cassio Audi displayed in his early life when he became a member of a hall of fame heavy metal band, Viper.

The band, Viper is still touring with many of the original members still in place but Cassio Audi saw his musical flame burn brightly for a few short years when he joined Viper as the band’s first drummer. Cassio Audi joined brothers Yves and Pit Passarell, singer Andre Matos, guitarist Felipe Machad as founding members of Viper, a band achieving commercial and critical success with the release of their first two albums across much of the world. In a time prior to the Internet little was originally known about the members of Viper with many critics shocked to discover the band was made up of teenage musicians with little experience of working in various bands.

One of the most impressive aspects of the early career of Cassio Audi in music came in the form of the ability of the drummer to replicate the beats and rhythms created by his heroes in the new wave of British heavy metal of the early 1980s. In the recording of the debut studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”, the band and their iconic drummer created one of the best-loved albums of the early years of the Brazilian heavy metal genre.

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Market America Vitamins: Making America Fit And Healthy

Supplements are an essential part of staying fit and healthy. Doctors always swear by supplements, giving their patients prescriptions to fill out with myriad pills that are found at chemists and pharmacies all over the world. No matter what the patient is suffering from, or not suffering from, doctors want to prescribe a supplement for it all. But sometimes, even the doctors do not know what the best things for one’s body are. Everyone is built differently. They all have different needs and different proportions in which they need those needs. Even so, there are people who treat patients as a one size fits all, whereby they treat everyone in the same way. At the end of it all, the patient who is taking these supplements would know their body the best. They are the ones who spend countless hours with it, searching online if even the slightest thing starts to alarm them. For this purpose, patients should also possess the basic knowledge of essential supplements, and the proportions that people need them in.

Market America Vitamins are a health and wellness company who knows that their customers want nothing short of the very best. The healthcare company believes that they have the power to aid people, depending on the kind of illness or disorder that they have. Going by the policy of every customer is different, Market America Vitamins have come out with multiple ranges so that they can diversify their customer base and try to cover every array possible.

Market America Vitamins are extremely safe and do not come with an extensive list of side effects. In fact, a lot of doctors do recommend that one takes these supplements to get the daily dose of nutrients that they need. Currently, the company has several customers all over buying their products.

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The Formidable Achievements of Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a reputable individual who is a franchisee of Sushi Itto. He has gathered his immense reputation for winning a major competition named as the Best Franchisee of the World. The competition occurred in Florence, Italy. It was conducted in December. The winning of this competition was a sign of recognition of the numerous contributions that he made for the brand he represents and learn more about Omar Yunes.

It is incredible that a person can achieve much at a young age as depicted from Omar Yunes. He became a franchisee at only twenty-one years old. He first became a franchisee of a Japanese food chain. His efforts within this domain have borne good results based on the much progress that he has made. Currently, he owns thirteen franchised units. These units are located in widespread regions including Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. He is renown within the franchising domain because he represents at least ten percent of the brand’s unit and more information click here.

Although winning this competition could be seen as the sole effort of Omar Yunes, he asserted that the prize was for the entire work unit. As such, there are more than four hundred employees and more than thirteen units. The competition would not have been won without their innovative input in running the brand and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

Winning the competition depicts a great achievement. This is partly because several companies are involved in the competition and also because the competition is very stiff. In the year 2015, representatives from thirty-four countries were in the competition. Among these countries were Brazil, France, Argentina, Portugal, Hungary, and Mexico.

Omar Yunes who is an award winner in several competitions is a Mexican Investor. His main area of interest is the food domain. He has achieved much because of his aggressive nature of marketing the brand he represents. He is a person of significant impact in this industry based on the various achievements he has had over his work period and his Website.

An instance of his significant control is the creation of more than four hundred job opportunities for workers. The governance of Omar Yunes has enabled his brand to possess a strong business network. Moreover, the enacted strategies are well implemented under his governance and https://about.me/omar.yunes.marquez.

The Outstanding Performance Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz works as the chairman, CEO, and president of the National Steel Car. This is a company that has built an immense reputation over its years of existence by dominating the railroad freight cars manufacturing and engineering domain. The company is based in Ontario. Since rising to the position of the president of such a renowned company, immense progress has been recorded. As such, there is an annual improvement which ensures that the enterprise maintains the top position in the industry.


Greg Aziz birth was in the year 1949. He went to Ridley College for studies. After that, he joined the University of Western Ontario where he acquired a Degree in Economics. The outstanding performance of Greg James Aziz can be attributed to his education background. Through the immense knowledge that he has in the business sector, he can make wise decisions which bring the need change to National Steel Car Company.


The expertise of Gregory J Aziz may be attributed to his commencement of the business career in 1971 when he joined a food business owned by his family. Under his administration, amazing changes were recorded for sixteen years under his governance. The firm grew from being just a local business into being a global importer of fresh foods. The company distributes its commodities to different markets in Eastern Canada and the United States. It imports the products from regions such as South America, Central, and Europe. Read This Article.


Working in the identified banking opportunities also served as an added work experience for Greg Aziz. He commenced his activities in the railroad freight cars manufacturing and engineering in the year 1994 after the acquisition of the first Nation Steel Car. He entered this business domain with the sole intention of transforming the Canadian Company into a great business within the field it operated in. However, he had to work differently from the previous management to meet the need changes that he wanted. He embraced team building, investing immensely in Capital and human power and majored on the capability of the company of giving the best engineering services.


The leadership of James Aziz led to the realization of the set goals. The company produces at least twelve thousand cars each year. This is a big difference as compared to the automobile production in 1999 which was at 3500 cars production each year. Under his objective of investing in human power, the company employs about three thousand people which is a steep trajectory from the approximate of six hundred people employed before his administration.


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The Milestones That Gregory James Aziz Made To Greatness

Canada is the second biggest country in the world after Russia. The population of the country is big but not to the point of overpopulation. The current population can produce a good market for a marketable product. With the right skills and intentions, the Canadian Market can produce the most competitive products in the market. With this information, Gregory James Aziz set his journey to entrepreneurship. By the time that Gregory thought to be an entrepreneur, he was still a young boy with no capital or a concrete idea. His journey to being one of the most celebrated men in the country had just begun, and Aziz was out to pursue his dreams.

Understanding the sustainability of the economy

The interests that Gregory James Aziz had in the market could not be sustained by the Canadian market. Hamilton, which is located in Ontario, has some of the best grounds and features to sustain a company but the Canadian population may not be sufficient to provide the best market. For this reason, Greg Aziz came up with plans on how to get the external markets as he made internal productions. There was sufficient market for car parts in Europe, USA and some parts of South America. Developing his market towards this direction was the biggest challenge, and this gave him his next step.

Creating a strong customer base

To create a sustainable customer base, James Aziz focused on quality of production. As one of the most important aspects of his career, Greg Aziz ensured that the National Steel Car maintained a positive review from the time that he took over as the CEO to date. The National Steel Car received the TTX SECO annual awards every year for the last two decades. This move helped the company to gain trust from clients, and Gregory James used this opportunity to improve the operations. Go To This Page for additional information.

The clients received

After creating positive reviews and giving the company a good image, Gregory J Aziz received several offers from different companies. These companies include; the Canadian National Railways, Dow Chemicals, Shell Canada, Nova Chemicals, Union Pacific, Arva Industries and several others. The companies came with different production pressures. These pressures pushed the National Steel Car to employee more labor to reach their demands. Recently, the National Steel Car announced their plans to increase the number of employees because of more from different companies. With the level of quality created, the company has been ranked as the best freight manufacturers in North America.


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The Intriguing Life of Adam Milstein

Back in the year 1952 in Haifa, Israel Adam Milstein was born. His father was a real estate developer while his mother was a homemaker. Mr. Milstein grew to follow the footsteps of his father. He is a founding partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Many people have come to recognize him as one of the world’s greatest philanthropist. Through a family foundation that he and his wife founded, he has been donation more than $1 million every year, to organizations that champion for the welfare of the Jewish people as well as Israel. During his early life, Adam Milstein was living in Kiryat Motzkin.

In the year 1971 enrolled in the Israeli Defense Force and took part in the Yom Kippur war. Upon his return, Adam Milstein joined the Technion for his Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. He graduated in the year 1978. Three years later, he together with his wife Gila moved to the United States. Upon arriving in the United States, Adam enrolled for a master’s degree at the University of Southern California. He began working as a sales agent at Hager Pacific Properties. He rose through the ranks to get to his present position of managing partner.

The art of benevolence was first introduced to Adam while at his workstation. Making money alone did not get him feel fulfilled. He wanted to make an impact on the world using the money he was making. The passion that Adam and Gila shared for their birth country became the foundation to which Adam and Gila Milstein is built. The institution aims at standing with organizations that support Israel. There is a lot that the organization has achieved including educating the young Jewish people about their religion and providing them with necessary tools to strengthen their identification with Israel.

Adam Milstein realized that the Jewish community that resides in the US lacked a philanthropic organization. He thus founded an organization that would foster benevolence and hence strengthen the relations between the US and the State of Israel. The organization is known as Israeli-American Council. He is the chairperson of this organization.

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Livio Bisterzo Welcomes Leonardo DiCaprio’s Chickpea Investment

     From 2015 to 2016, the market for alternative snacks and healthier options grew by seven percent to become an industry with more than $1.1 billion in sales reported across the year. One of those looking to gain a major foothold in this ever expanding industry is Livio Bisterzo, who recently launched his own Green Park Holdings company with the chickpea based alternative snack Hippeas that has become a multi-million dollar snack in the U.S. and U.K.

In 2017, Livio Bisterzo saw his newly developed brand receive a substantial funding boost with news of $2.5 million in funding being added to the company from private investment and a substantial round of funding from private equity companies. The most eye catching aspect of the latest, $2.5 million in funding is the arrival of actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio as an investor in the company. The committed environmental campaigner has invested in a company Livio Bisterzo believes will break its own wholesale records for sales in 2017 with around $11 million in wholesale sales from wholesale sales in 2016 of $2.5 million.

The growth of the alternative and healthy snack foods market has been a boom area in the 21st-century with organic foods becoming a popular option for those interested in developing their own good health. Livio Bosterzo’a Green Park Holdings have developed Hippeas as an organic puffed chickpea snack available in six different flavors. Bisterzo has not been willing to sit and wait for his brand to move forward after deciding to aggressively market Hippeas across retailers from March 2016 onward, including in Starbucks stores where the brand is on sale across the U.S.

One of the main reasons Livio Bisterzo believes he had the ability to develop a successful brand in such a short space of time is his vast experience as a developer of new products for the Kyoku mens grooming brand. The ability to move his products with speed to new retail locations was developed with the skills he developed prior to the March 2016 launch of Green Park Holdings.

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Karl Heideck Sheds Light On The New Driving Law In Pennsylvania And Its Importance In Saving Children’s Lives

Driving laws have recently been modified in Pennsylvania to include regulations on car seats. The new laws that took effect last year dictate that kids be carried on restraining car seats. Children below two years of age are to be carried on a backward-facing seat. Those between two and eight years, weigh under 80 pounds and are shorter than 4’9″, should be carried on a booster seat. Defying this law leads to a 75 dollars fine and additional court fees.

Worrying Statistics

Car crashes are the leading cause of children’s mortality in the United States according to The American Automobile Association. A recent survey showed that 2885 children died in car crashes between 2010 and 2014. Another study by Centers for Disease Control in 2015 showed that children below 12 who were restrained during a car crash were only 35 percent. The new law is aimed at eliminating these numbers entirely. A children car seat is designed to restrict the head, shoulder, neck, and spine. The seats limit the effect of a crash on the child thereby reducing chances of an injury by 82 percent and death by 28 percent.

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Guides on Choosing a Seat

Selecting a car seat can prove difficult for some parents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has, however, laid some guidelines on the matter. The car seat recommended for children under two faces backward according to thereisnoconsensus.com. A front-facing car seat with a harness is designed for kids above two and below age 5. For children above five years, a booster seat is advised. This kind of seat elevates the kid to a level that she or he can use a seat belt. The state of Pennsylvania has inspection sites that one can take his or her car for inspection in case of doubt on the car seat to use. The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh also offers this service.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a renowned law expert who specializes in compliance and risk management law. Karl Heideck boasts over a decade experience in law practice in Philadelphia.

Karl Heideck is a former student of Swarthmore College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. Karl Heideck earned his Juris Doctor, Law degree in 2009 from the notable Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law.

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